My 56 marijuana plants seized, but I have not been arrested. Why?

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Rita Bernardini

My 56 marijuana plants seized, but I have not been arrested. Why?

After numerous appeals, in the end the police did arrive. On behalf of the Public Prosecutor of Rome (Sost. Proc. Dott.ssa Silvia Sereni), on May 15 at 9 AM, a police squad searched my house and seized my cannabis plantation (56 plants). I am now under investigation for the offense under article 73 of Presidential Decree 309/90 (prohibition of cultivation of marijuana plants).

During the operation - in the presence of police officers who carried out the positive "narcotest" - I made spontaneous statements to explain the purpose of the civil disobedience campaign and to attract attention to the complicity of Marco Pannella and Laura Arconti who have always collaborated directly in the initiatives aimed at the legalization of cannabis derivates and, in the first place, to allow access to cannabinoid pharmaceutics to many seriously ill patients forced to turn to dealers or to cultivate at home with all risks involved.

All of this - I repeat it for those who may not know - is inspired by the struggle of the militant sick of the Cannabis Social Club LapianTiamo and, in particular, by their leader Andrea Trisciuoglio, a guy that can literally move mountains (and hearts). Now, with Marco Pannella and Laura Arconti we wonder why there was no arrest warrant to accompany the search and seizure, which is in fact what police forces all over Italy are forced to do with many "innocent" citizens; many of whom are serving years in prison for much more modest domestic crops than mine. Is it a voluntary act of ommission by the officials to keep things quiet?


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