(Kiev, March 31, 1992) - About 20 Radical militants demonstrated today in front of the residence of Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk on Bankovska street under slogans: "No to death penalty", "State has no right to kill", "Killing by state - out of law!", "Independent Ukraine without death penalty", "Abolish death sentences to Oleg Makovetsky, Vadim Petrenko, Jurij Khromov", "Stop new sentences!". Many Ukrainian and Western journalists observed the Radical action.

In spite of that fact, that the demonstration went about 40 minutes on, nobody from president's secretariat was able to receive representatives of the demonstrators. Nikolaj Khramov and Inna Gavriljuk had possibility just to deliver the letter addressed to Mr Kravchuk together with the text of EP's resolution #A3-0062/92 against death penalty to an employee of expedition department of president's administration.

During the action 3 new members joined Radical Party just on the street.