(Kiev, February 29, 1992) - The First Ukrainian Conference of the Radical Party took part here in Tourist Hotel.

More than 90 participants, including 2 deputies of Ukrainian parliament, came from 22 Ukrainian cities (Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Donetsk, Odessa, Zaporozhje, Cherkassy, Dnepropetrovsk and others). Foreign participants were also presented in the conference hall of Tourist Hotel, among them: Marino Busdachin - member of the Federal Council (Italy), Basil Guissou - member of Federal Council, ex-minister for foreign affairs of Burkina Faso, Maria Ivanjan - secretary of Russian Green Party and RP's member, Dmitrij Petrov - political scientist, Radical member from Moscow, Anatolij Zhivetnjuk - member of United Democratic Party of Belorussia and member of RP, Nikolaj Khramov - Radical militant from Moscow working now in Kiev.

After the opening of conference by Nikolaj Khramov, some members of Federal Council, MPs and activists - Dmitrij Petrov, Aleksandr Tsurkan (Radical from Donetsk), Andrej Koval (vice president of Ukrainian Social Democratic Party and Radical member), Jurij Zbitnev (Social Democratic deputy of Ukrainian parliament, member of Federal Council of the RP), Maria Ivanjan, Marino Busdachin and others - spoke about activities of the Radical Party during this year. Almost all speakers underlined the necessety to begin an urgent campaign to abolish death penalty in Ukraine.

After the general discussion, which was opened at the second part of the conference, the informal committee for coordination of Radical activities in different Ukrainian cities was elected. No final document was adopted during the meeting.

During the conference 48 new members joined Radical Party.