World Federalist Movement letter of support

July 19, 2004

To Governments,

We are writing to encourage govermnents to oppose the suspension of the Transnational Radical Party's consultative status with ECOSOC.

Our main reason for writing is that the unjustified suspension of the ECOSOC consultative status of one NGO represents a threat to all NGOs with consultative status.

World Federalist Movement believes the principles, privileges and responsibilities enshrined in resolution 1996/31 and in the UN charter governing NGOS with consultative status are extremely important. NGOs must respect their obligations, but govemment must also protect the integrity of this important UN resolution.

We recognize that the allegations of the Vietnamese govemment are serious and if true would require serious actions. However, after careful study we believe that the allegations against the Transnational Radical Party by the Vietnamese government are not only unfounded but also contradictory of the facts.

World Federalist Movement has worked with the Transnational Radical Party for many years and believes it to be a non-violent organization that has done nothing to abuse their consultative status with ECOSOC.

Wc respectfully request governments to reject this effort to unjustifiably suspend the Transnational Radical Party's consultative status with ECOSOC.

Yours Sincerely,

William Pace
Executive Director
World Federalist Movement