"The OECD report presents an Italian production system composed of lights and shadows. An evident dynamic figure is that the GDP is currently growing mostly thanks to exports, which, in line with the intensification trend of global trade, will close the year with a significant +5 percent that is influencing the economic recovery." This was stated by Emma Bonino, the minister for International Business and European policies, commenting on the OECD's European Outlook. "It is a positive trend that must be consolidated. Making exports grow," continued the minister in a letter, "does not only mean giving oxygen to the economy in a still uncertain phase of domestic consumption; but it also means stimulating companies to face the challenge of the global market. In this way we measure the competitiveness of the productive system; and from this come the greatest pushes for modernization and innovation." Bonino continued, "The government has an important role to carry out in this phase: to sustain the companies that find it difficult to understand the road of internationalization, because of size, or because of scarce tradition of export. For this reason I am fighting to avoid the cuts provided by the Budget Law for the newly born Ministry of International Business and for its operative wing, ICE. We still have time to change course." The minister concluded, "The OECD also highlights how cuts and higher tax revenue are not enough to recover our economy. And also for this reason, I am convinced that it is necessary to put into act a serious liberalization agenda as soon as possible, to guarantee more market and more competition in the sectors."