State secret disclosed in the book about terrorist acts


RUSSIA, Moscow. Editor-in-chief of PRIMA News Agency Alexander Podrabinek was told when he was questioned today by FSB, that criminal proceedings had been instigated in connection with disclosure of state secret in the books FSB Blows Up Russia and LCG - Lubyanka Criminal Group. 29 December last year the book FSB Blows Up Russia bought by PRIMA in batch, was confiscated as part of the criminal case.

Criminal case No 218 for disclosing state secret was started in June last year. There are no accused in the case. During questioning senior investigator of FSB-s Investigation Department lieutenant Alexander Soima told Mr. Podrabinek that copies of the book FSB Blows Up Russia by Alexander Litvinenko and Yuriy Felshtinskiy were confiscated as material evidence. He also added that the book, as well as another book by Mr. Litvinenko LCG - Lubyanka Criminal Gang, will be withdrawn from sales. The investigator stated that there is experts- report concerning both books and this is enough to withdraw them.
Mr. Podrabinek, who was questioned as a witness, was asked about the conditions of the sale contract signed by PRIMA Agency to purchase the book FSB Blows Up Russia. Mr. Podrabinek refused to answer the questions saying that it was nothing to do with the matter of state secret disclosure. Mr. Podrabinek also refused to sign an undertaking not to disclose information obtained by preliminary investigation that became known to him. One of FSB investigators said that the case of Mr. Podrabinek-s refusal to give evidence would be passed on to Prosecutor-s office.
In the course of the questioning Alexander Podrabinek handed over to the investigator Mr. Litvinenko-s consent to be questioned by FSB on condition that it would take place in London. The investigator declined the offer to question Mr. Litvinenko.