Marco Pannella in favour of a "government" under UN auspices

Agence Europe

In view of 29 January plenary session, Socialists stress negative impact of Washington's policy could have on anti-terrorist coalition, and calls on EU Council to evaluate consequences of war on world economy - Marco Pannella in favour of a "government" under UN auspices
At its plenary session in Brussels on 29 January, the European Parliament will have a debate with Javier Solana on the Iraqi crisis. The Socialist Group, chaired by Enrique Baron, has already prepared its stance in view of that session, in a text in which it expresses its opposition to any unilateral action which "could break up the international coalition against terrorism and lead to a deeper crisis involving other countries in the region". The EU Council should assess the consequences of military action in Iraq on the world economy, says the Socialist Group, placing emphasis, moreover, on the need for Member States having "the same approach" and on close collaboration between the four Member States currently sitting on the UN Security Council (other than France and the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain). Calling on Iraq to implement a policy of "tolerance and freedom" and allow "the return of refugees in all security", the Socialist Group supports "the aspirations of the Kurdish population for regional autonomy within the borders of Iraq".
Italian Radical Marco Pannella, for his part, pleaded in favour of the departure of Saddam Hussein, calling on the Security Council to decide to "place Iraq under an international trust administration (a "democratic government"), handing a Statesman the task of establishing, within two years, the conditions for the full exercise of rights and freedoms for all Iraqis, as demanded by the UN Charter of Fundamental Rights"