Inner Mongolian dissident's wife reports brutal

Radio Free Asia

Washington. Ms Xinna, wife of Inner Mongolian political prisoner Mr. Hada, reports that her 17-year old son Uiles is being brutally treated in prison in Inner Mongolia. The following is a report by Radio Free Asia correspondent An Pei.

Inner Mongolian dissident Hada was arrested in 1995 for organizing the 'Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance'. He was sentenced to 15 years jail in 1996 for the crime of 'separating the country and engaging in espionage'.

In 2002, Mr. Hada's son Uiles was accused of 'being involved in robbery' and later sentenced to 2 years jail. Mr. Hada's wife Xinna said, recently, she has been brutally treated by prison guards when she has visited the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region No.1 Juvenile Jail to see her son because during her visit, she once spoke with her son in Mongolian. (voice)

She also revealed that during her last visit to the prison she observed thather son had been physically tortured: (voice ) '... my son told me that his hands and feet were in a 20-kilogram handcuff-and-shackle for more than 40 hours because he resisted the prison guards' and inmates' brutal treatment. I saw many black-and-blue spots on his hands and feet'.

Xinna further reported that after her husband Hada's arrest, the 'Mongolian Study Bookstore' and the 'Mongolian Study Reading Club', both owned by her, had been shut down. Later on, her son Uiles was expelled from school shortly after resisting police brutality. She also indicated that as a child her son had been seriously traumatized due to this series of incidents. (voice)

According to a report from the New York based human rights organization, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, after Mr. Hada's arrest, Xinna was also detained for 3 months for giving a Voice of America telephone interview. In 1997, when the 50 years anniversary celebration of the establishment of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region took place in Huhhot City, Ms. Xinna and her son Uiles were sent to eastern Inner Mongolia's Ulaanhot City, and were detained there for 2 days. In 1999, a policewoman was sent to her house to monitor their daily life on a 24 hour basisduring the Chinese Communist leader Jiang Ze Min's visit to Inner Mongolia.

In his appeal, Mr. Enhebatu, the president of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, has condemned the authority's inhumane treatment of Ms. Xinna and her son. (voice)

According to the report by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, Uiles has been imprisoned together with 13 other juvenile offenders in a 8 square meter prison cell and forced to do 13 hours hard labor every day. Recently, Uiles has repeatedly been told by prison authorities to break off all relations with his mother.