Wei Jingsheng's letter to the Nonviolent Radical Party General Council

Dear Mr. Pannella, Mr. Perduca, members of the general council, and all the comrades of the Party,

I feel very sorry for being unable to attend this general council meeting because of a series of affairs related to US President Obama’s visit to China. I feel it is a great loss to be unable to communicate with all of you. Thus, I am writing this letter to you say what is in my mind about the development of the party for your reference, and I wish to know your ideas as well.

Just as we have discussed in the past, China issues have become more and more important in this world, to such a degree that people even talk about having the USA and China lead the world, as a so called “G2”.

During the cold war era, the Western world had a very clear mind about justice in the fight against evil. The camp of democracy and freedom and the camp of the totalitarian autocracy are incompatible. People paid a great price and eventually justice won over the evil and the human race thus made a huge step forward.

However, since 20 years ago, this world has confused right with wrong. Under the slogan of “the Cold War ended”, the politicians bought out by big business have made the dictatorial countries lead by the Chinese Communist Party as “cooperation partners”. By offering Chinese Communist regime the same favorable policies to their allies, the West fattens the Chinese Communist, the Vietnamese Communist and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. In the past 20 years, with the Chinese Communist regime’s support to many more autocratic governments in the third world, the autocratic clique gets more powerful, the big businesses get wealthier, yet the camp for the democratic countries falls apart. The moral position of democratic politics is falling rapidly, while the economies of the democratic countries are also walking toward collapse.

Under this situation, should we surrender ourselves to the secular corruption and look only into the money? Or should we carry on the moral principles, to continue our ideology of democracy despite that we have to struggle in the difficulty? To all our friends and the members of the party, this is a choice, as well as a test.

Regardless of the errors we might have had in the past, and setbacks we might have suffered, or even crises we once experienced, I think as far as we take the correct position in the tide of history, that we bear the pressure and hold to our principles and ideologies, we will be able to produce immeasurable influence to correct the errors in this world.

The world is pushed by minor individuals. The greatness is only a conclusion afterwards.

I want to express my gratitude to my comrades for your selfless support and help to Chinese democratic undertaking.

Your comrade,

Wei Jingsheng
Washington, DC