Dear president-Elect Clinton:

In the course of your election campaign, and following your elections as the President of the United States, you pledged to bring about a change in American policy. We welcome this intent and wish you courage and steadfastness for this difficult task.

We call upon you to take a first step in this direction: To end a crying injustice-see to it that Lyndon LaRouche is immediately set free and exonerated.

Lyndon LaRouche, who is innocent, has been incarcerated as a political prisoner in the federal prison in Rochester, Minnesota, since january 1989. He committed no crime; his sentencing and imprisonment were the result of years-long slanders and persecutions by forces of the Reagan-Bush administration, in combination with the media and private organizations, as well as forces of the secret services of formerly communist states.

Over 1,000 prominent jurusts from all over the world have protested publicly against thi abuse of justice, in the course of which LaRouche and a number of this associates were supposed to be eliminated as an undesired opposition. Hundreds of parliamentarians and other prominent personalities from all over the world have joined this protest.

The LaRouche case was presented to the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations several times; U.N. Special Rapporteur Angelo Vidal d'Almeida Ribeiro included the case in his report last year to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights.

Since then, explosive new material has come to light documenting the political motivation behind this persecution. One U.S. court has, in fact, ruled that the trial had come into being as a result of "constructive fraud" on the part of the government.

Weare outraged over the arrogance of the Bush government, which ignored all protests and appeals. Yet it was George Bush himself, who in 1988, i.e. before LaRouche had been indicted in Alexandria, Va., declared in public that LaRouche belonged behind bars, thus, as Vice President, anticipating any legal procedure.

We, the undersigned, see ourselves as members of an international coalition to free Lyndon LaRouche. We appeal to you, President Clinton: Give a signal that you seriously mean to bring about change: Act! Take the necessary steps immediately to set LaRouche and his associates free!

I join the international coalition to free Lyndon La Rouche and endorse the above appeal. I agree to have my name published with this appeal in American or European newspapers.

This appeal has been endorsed by hundreds of individuals, of whom the following is a sampling. Titles for identification purposes only.


- Jim Albright, past State Pres, Alabama Bldg, Trades Council

- Milton B. Allen, Judge (ret.), Baltimore City Circuit Court

- Ali Baghdadi, Ed., Al-Bostaan Journal, Chicago

- Almanina Barbour, Esq., Philadelphia

- James barnett, Chrm., Coaltion Black Trade Unionists, N.W. Al.

- Rev. Richard Boone, former SCLC Field Coord., Alabama Cities Project

- Francis Boyle, Prof. of law, Univ. of Illinois, Champaign

- George Branch, City Councilman, Newark

- Bernard and Rose Mae Broussard, Starthrowers, La.

- Frank Caligiuri Jr., Exec. Bd, UAW, Buffalo

- Annie Coleman, Vice Pres., Coaltion Black Trade Unionists, Ca.

- David A. Collins, City Council member, Buffalo

- Paul Comiskey, S.J. Pres,. Prisoners' Rts. Assn.

- Silvia Cox, Exec., Vice Pres., Nat'l. assn. of Black Women Lawyers

- Gary Daniels, Pres., Int'l Broth, Boilermakers Local 684, Va.

- John W. DeCamp, former Nebraska State Senator

- Joseph Dickson, Publisher, Birmingham World

- Msgr. David I. Dorsch, Archdiocese of Baltimore

- Don Eret, former State Senator, Ne.

- Most rev. Basil Filevich, Bishop of Saskatchewan

- Rafael Flores, Bd. Mmber, Hispanics for life, Los Angeles

- James M. Franklin, Past Pres., AFGE Local 421, Wash. DC

- Josip Gamulin, Pres., Croatian Ctte. for Human Rights, Toronto

- Justice William C. Goodloe (ret.), Wash. State Supreme Court

- Isador Hampton, Pres., UAW Local # 835, Mi.

- Ron Hampton, Nat'l Dir. Nat'l. Balck Policeman's Assn.

- Henri Helstoski, former U.S. Congressman, N.J.

- Fred Huenefeld, past Pres., Nat'l. Org. of Raw Materials

- Rev. Robert J. Jones, President., Richmond SCLC

- Rabbi Gerald Kaplan, Brooklyn, New York

- Kazimierz Kasperek, Ed., The Alliancer, Cleveland

- Clifford Kelly, former Chicago City Councilman

- Rev. Leon G. Lipscombe, Allen Chapel AME Church, Wash. DC

- Rose-marie Love, former Cook County Commissioner, Il.

- James J. Lumpkin, Sec'y-Treas. ILA Local 1458, Va.

- Rev. Eugene Lumpkin, Ebenezer Baptist Church, San Francisco

- Colman McCarthy, syndicated columnist, Wash. Dc

- Art Minson, Chrm., Pol. Action Ctte., Akron NAACP

- State Senator Theo Walker Mitchell, S.C.

- Valencia Mohammed, At-large Member, Wash. DC School Bd.

- Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, Minister of Health, Nation of Islam

- Siah Nyanseor, Chrm. African Anti-Malthusian League, Atlanta

- George Perdue, Representative Alabama State House

- Vel Phillips, former Wisconsin Sec'y of State

- Rev. Reginal Pitcher, Pres., Baton Rouge SCLC

- John Ramsey, Pres., Asphalt Workers Local 889, Newark

- Clinton Roberson, Pres., African American Lawyers Assn.

- William P. Robinson, Jr., attorney, Norfolk, Va.

- Ed Saldana, Mexican American League Against Crime, Los Angeles

- Greg Schumacher, farm leader, S.D.

- Rev. Marshall Shepard, past Pres., progressive National Baptist Convention

- John Shike, ed. and Publ. Voice of Freedom Houston

- Barbara Lett Simmons, Pres., Wash. DC Democ. Women's Club

- Rev. Glen Staples, Vice Moderator, Immanual Missionary Baptist Assn., Wash. DC

- Fr. Thomas Tou, Pres., Chinese Assn. of Montreal

- Rev. Wade Watts, past Pres., Oklahoma NAACP

- Rev. Hosea Williams, DeKalb County Commissioner, Ga.

- James Wilson, Vice Pres., Watts NAACP, Ca.

- Wyatt Wislon, Vice Pres., Louisiana Coalition for Prison Reform

- Nadine Winters, former Member, Wash. DC City Council

- The Rev. Canon Joseph Francis Xavier, Anglican Church of Canada


- Jean-marie Alexandre, Deputy, Euro. Parliament, France

- Haik Babookhanian, Yerevan City Parliament, Armenia

- Roberto Barzanti, Vice Pres., Euro. Parliament , Italy

- Prof. Giulio Basetti-Sani, OFM, Trento Cultural Inst., Italy

- Msgr. Luigi Bettazzi, past Pres., Pax Christi, Italy

- Leszek Bialkowski, adviser, Trade Union "Solidarity 80"

- Jadwiga-Helena Boral, founding member, Polish Solidarity Movement, Sweden

- Prof. Dr. Norbert Brainin, O.B.E., violinist, London

- Dr. Marijan Brajinovic, Bd. Member, Austrian-Croatian Society, Vienna

- Ladislav Boucek, journalist, Ondrejov, Czech Republic

- John Bouvin, Member of Parliament, Sweden

- Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago Cerretti, Deputy, Euro.Parliament, Italy

- Y. Chernichenko, Nat'l Deputy; Pres., Farmers' Party of Russia

- Nicole Delpéréé, gerontology law expert, Belgium

- Janos Denes, Member of Parliament, Hungary

- Marie Jo Denys, Deputy, Euro. Parliament, France

- Prof. Dr. Jakow Drabkhin, Dir., Research Centre for German History, Moscow

- Prof. Dr. Kurt Ebert, Vice Dir., Inst. for Legal History, Innsbruck Un., Austria

- Roger Garaudy, writer, France

- Dr. Janos Gojak, theologian, Budapest

- Charles Gray, Chrm., Int'l of Local Gov'ts.

- Lissy Groener, Deputy Euro. Parliament, Germany

- Brig. Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm Grunewald (ret.) Germany

- Francesco Guidolin, Deputy, Euro.Parliament, Italy

- Ludwig Guettler, musician, Germany

- Farid Hanna, Perm.Rep. to U.N. Office, Vienna

- The Right Rev. Michael Hare-Duke, Bishop of St. Andrews, Perth, Scotland

- Fritz Hermann, Chrm. Mutual Org. for Framing (LFO), Denmark

- Heinz Hildebrandt, Deputy, Saxon-Anhalt, Parliament, Germany

- Dr. Ludwig Hoffmann- Rumerstein, attorney, Innsbruck

- Antonio Iodice, Deputy, Euro. Parliament, Italy

- Strecko Jurdana, political journalist, Croatia

- V. Kazarian, Yerevan City Parliament, Armenia

- Hrant Kachatrian, Member of Parliament and Supreme Soviet, Armenia

- Brig. Gen. Heinz Karst (ret.) Germany

- Prof. Dr. Hans Klecatsky, former Minister of Justice, Austria

- Prof. Dr. Hans Koechler, Pres., Internat'l Progress Org., Vienna

- Dr. Tibor Kovats, Bd. Member, Assn. of Former Political Prisoners, Hungary

- Prof. Dr. Stephan Kurowski, Catholic Univ., Lublin, Poland

- Viktor Kuzin, Chair, Human Rights Commission, Moscow Soviet

- Mayor Marcel Le Bihan, Pompey, France

- Ilse Luebben, Deputy, Lowe Saxony Parliament, Germany

- Carmine Mancuso, Member of the Senate, Italy

- Vladimir Matveev, Coordinator, Democratic Union, Moscow

- Stefan Metz, Artistic Dir., Orlando Festival, Amsterdam

- Raffaele Morini, Pres. Enrico Mattei Study Center, Italy

- Pavlo Movchan, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

- Igor Muradian, Member of Parliament and Supreme Soviet, Armenia

- Prof. Dr. Taras Muranivsky Rector, Ukrainian Univ. in Moscow

- Valeria Novodvorskaja, leader, Democratic Union party, Moscow

- Serghei Pavlov, Deputy, St. Peterburg Soviet

- Nico Perrone, Law Faculty, Bari Univ., Italy

- Flaminio Piccoli, Member of the Senate, Italy

- Alexei Pogorilyi, Deputy, Moscow Soviet

- Gen. Jean-Gabriel Revault d'Allonnes (ret.) France

- Brig. Gen. Jobst Rohkamm (ret.), Germany

- Joseph Rozier, Bishop of Poitiers, Nat'l Pres., Pax Christi, France

- Ibrahim Salah, Switzerland

- Giovanni Russo Spena, Member of Parliament, Italy

- Christine Scheel, Deputy, Bavarian State Parliament, Germany

- Brig. Gen. Paul A. Scherer (ret.) former chief, West German Military Intelligence, Germany

- Sigrun Steinborn, Deputy, Berlin Parliamentary Assembly, Germany

- Harun Tazieff, volcanologist, Paris, France

- Luigi Vinci, Member of the Senate, Italy

- Vice-Adm. Karl Adolf Zenker (ret.), Germany


- Kassim Ahmad, author, Malaysia

- Denis Collins, Member Legislative Assembly, N. Terr., Australia

- Mohideen Abdul Kader, attorney, Malaysia

- Father Augustine Liu, Superior, Franciscan Friars, Taipai, ROC

- Joseph Minko, accountant, African Reconstruction Forum, Gabon

- Gobinda Mukhoty, Pres., Confederation Indian Consumer Orgs.

- Kuldip Nayar, Chrm., Citizens for Democracy, India

- I.F. Xavier, Dir., Home for Human Rights for Sri Lanka

- H.G. Ward, Governor, Internat'l Policy Forum, South Africa



- Arturo Frondizi, Former President of Argentina

- Mario Caponnetto, cardiologist

- Sergio Ceron, journalist


- Luiz carlo Casagrande, State Legislator, Rio Grande Do Sul

- Fernando Correa de Sa Benavides, journalist

- Dom Manoel Pestana Filho, Bishop of Anapolis, Brazil

- Roberto Saturnino Braga, CIty Councilman, Rio de Janeiro

- Col. (ret.) Pedro Schirmer, Ed., Ombro a Ombro,

- Helio Zawatski, Pres., Rio Grande do. Sul Cooperatives Org.


- Ernesto Amezquita, Pres., Nat'l Trial Lawyers Assn.

- Jorge Carrillo, former Minister of Labor

- Apolinar Garcia , Sec'y Gen., Nat'l Agrarian Federation (FANAL)

- Eduardo Kronfly, Professor of Law

- Gen. Hernando Zuluaga (ret.)


- Carlos Rafael Acosta Arvizu, State Legislator, Sonora

- Octavio Elizalde, attorney

- J.J. Gonzalez Gortazar, Member of Congress

- Jesus Gonzalez Schmall, Nat'l Coord., Forum of Democracy and Doctrine

- Juan Jaime Hernandez, Nat'l Exec. PARM

- Pablo Emilio Madero, Member of Congress

- Jorge Moscoso, Member of Congress

- Jose Ramirez Yanez, Mayor, Gomez Farias, Jalisco

- Adalberto Rosas, former State Legislator, Sonora

- Cecilia Soto, Member of Congress

- Manuel Villagomez Rodriguez, Pres., Fed. of Microindustries


- Elmo Martinez Blanco, Former Minister of Industry & Commerce

- Isabel Corro, Pres., Assn. Families of Victims of Dec. 20, 1989 U.S. Invasion


- Manuel German Benza Pflucker, former Member of Congress

- Juan Bernaola, Sec'y Gen., Confed. Workers of Peruvian Revolution

- Felipe Oswaldo Bockos, former Member of Congress

- Col. Rodrigo Cordova Saona (r.)

- Lino Cerna Manrique, former Member of Congress

- Josmell Munoz, former Member of the Senate

- Msgr. Alfredo Noriega Arce S.J., Auxiliary Bishop of Lima

- Francisco Palomino Garcia, former Member of Congress

- Gen. Julio German Parra Herrera (ret.), former Minister of Transportation and Communications

- Juan Rebaza Carpio, former Minister of Fisheries

- Francisco Vidarte Garcia, Pres., Assn. Nuclear Professionals, Nuclear Energy Institute


- Emil Guevara Munoz, Sec'y Internat'l Affairs, People's Electoral Movement

- Simon J. Pacheco, farm leader

Parliamentarian letter to Clinton:
From Jordan:

1. Abdur Rauf Rawabdeh
2. Abdul Karim Dogmi
3. Laith Shubeilat
4. Bassam Haddadin
5. Fares Nabylsi
6. Dr. Fawzi S. Tueimah
8. Marwan Al-Hamoud
9. Dr. Awni Al-Bashir
10. Dr. Yousef M. Khasawneh
11. Dr. Hamman Said
12. A. Jaber Shabaneh
13. Abdallah Al-Akayleh
14. Yousef Al Azm
15. Zird Kamal Al-Shwakh
16. Dibanes
17. S.M. Zou'bi
18. Ata F. Shahman
19. Dr. A.M. Al-Kobanie
20. Dr. M.A. Alhaj
21. Mansour Murad
22. Dr. Ahmed Anab
23. Dr. Saad Haddadin
24. Muare'r Mohammad Baklut
25. Ali Al-Fakir
26. Sulaiman Arar
27. Ghababsheh Ibrahim

From Hungary:

Miklos Hasznos, Hungarian Parliament
Gabor Kovacs, Hungarian Parliament
Josaf Mozs, Hungarian Parliament
Janos Denes, Hungarian Parliament
Katzman Keri, Hungarian Parliament
Janos Hercsey, Hungarian Parliament
Iszo Mihaly, Hungarian Parliament
Dr. Ivan Geza, Hungarian Parliament
Dr. Gyorivanyi Sandor, Hungarian Parliament
Istvan Jozsef, Hungarian Parliament

From Germany:

Kurt Malangré, European Parliament
Dr. heinz Kohler, European Parliament
P. Muschalla, Brandenburg Parliament
Manfred Rademacher, Brandenburg Parliament
Heinz Hildebrand, Sachsen-Anhalt Parliament, Honor. President
Cornelius Nagel, Sachsen-Anhalt Parliament
Hans Schwenke, Berlin Parliament

From Armenia:

Hrant Khackatrian, Armenian Parliament
Tigran Kjuregian
Rafix Kazinian
Ashot Hacopian
Igor Muradian
Hike Babookhanian

From Great Britain:
John Bird, European Parliament

From France:
Marie-Claude Vayssade, European Parliament

From Spain:
Juan Brandes, European Parliament
Karmelo Landa, European Parliament

From Switzerland:
Marguerite Misteli, Swiss Parliament