Michael Trepashkin: "My" case" is a turn of provocations of the FSB"


The chronicle of provocations and reprisals on the part of the FSB of the Russian Federation and other power structures:

1. There was a service trial from December, 1995 till May, 1997 by the initiative of the chief of the USB of the FSB of the Russian Federation Patrushev N.P. At that time I detained a group of people in Moscow, who demanded a large amount of money (more than 1, 5 billion roubles) from the bank "Soldi". There were employees of the GRU, the GSH of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB of the Russian Federation among these people. Patrushev ordered to release them, I disagreed. And it also began.

Besides Patrushev I was pursued also by: Barsukov M.I., the Director of the FSK of the Russian Federation, Kovalev N.D., the Director of the FSB of the Russian Federation since 1996, Solovyov, the Head of the Department of the staff and many others. This large story of prosecutions can make a whole volume.

2. On August, 23, 1996 at the highway of Enthusiasts in the city of Moscow I underwent an attack of 3 unknown people, but I managed to put them down. In 1999 I found out, that Chernogorov Boris Sergeevich, former employee of the GRU, the carrier of a black belt of karate, now an inhabitant of the district Solntsevo was engaged with the attack according to the order of the Management of the FSB of the Russian Federation across Moscow and the Moscow region. The reason was that I would not write the official report of 1995.

3. On December, 20, 1996 at 19-20 o'clock in the Natashkinskaya street in Moscow (it is near the Borisovskie Ponds) lieutenant colonel of the GRU Igor Postavityuk was killed at presence of many witnesses. The FSB of the Russian Federation and the SIS (admiral Konstantinov) by arrangement to Chalova Ekaterina (a businesswoman) and some "Chechens" (her "roof") pointed at me as at the killer. The witnesses thus were hidden, and I was going to be arrested. The only thing helped that then, on December, 20 ' the Day of GK we together with employees celebrated this holiday till 22 o'clock. The reason of the accusation: in November, 1996 I wrote about the largest illegal deliveries of the weapon to the Caucasus and participation of employees of the state security in these deliveries.

4. When in Moscow near to Taganka there was a gangster attack on one of offices as the result of which 2 militiamen were killed and one wounded, I, by the foil of the FSB of the Russian Federation, was detained by militia near the underground station "Kaluzhskaya". They searched through everything, even turned over an ashtray, having poured the contents on a clean sheet of paper. I was kept in a police station up to 2 o'clock in the morning. And when I had driven off and began to move the back seat, which did not fall up to the end, I found there a Kalashnikov's automatic device, without a butt, with the lengthened barrel and two cartridges, which were tied together with a dark-blue insulating tape, that is an "Afghani" variant. As I found it in time, the same night I got rid of it. When I tried to promulgate this story (there were witnesses there), in the Moscow district military Office of the Public Prosecutor Muzhensky told me, that if I tried to investigate this fact, they would necessarily put me in prison for illegal purchase and carrying (!?) of fire-arms.

5. In 1997, there were 4 (from the known to me) attempts at my life, because I had legal proceedings with Patrushev, Kovalev and Baretskov; they were both snipers, and employees of the special department of the FSB of the Russian Federation - URPO wearing the uniform of the traffic militia. Attempts were by the instruction of the management of the FSB. The last of the known to me attempts, was the one about which executors - Gusak, Litvinenko, Ponkin, and also Shcheglov, Latyshonok, Kruglov, Skryabin, etc., told Dorenko.

6. During my service in tax police on the part of the FSB of the Russian Federation there was a constant pressure on the UFSNP of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region. There were not promotions and encouragement for results in my work. My visitors were shot by a video camera.

Once, two girls, dancing in the cafe "Dream", came to visit me. They did not enter the building of the UFSNP of the Russian Federation of the Moscow region. They came at the end of the working day at 18-00 asked, whether I was in to wait for me. They had personal questions to me as to a lawyer. The guard commanded to drag them in; the deputy of the Head of the Staff department Arinin and the Head of the Investigation Service Knyazev began to interrogate them, whether I had given them the classified information. I shall notice that during my work in the tax police I had no confidential cases at all. Having interrogated the girls - Fedina Anastasia and Selezneva Svetlana, they released them, and reported to the head of the Department Shitov, that I let in girls into my study during working hours. The chiefs reached such nonsense and humor. I wrote the official report about this provocation, but Shitov returned it to me without any reaction. The assignment to me of the rank of the colonel of tax police was postponed without any grounds.

In 2001 4 bolts on a back wheel were turned off at my sportive car, obviously counting upon an accident. The wheel fell off on the Kremlin quay at a stop at a traffic light. It rescued me that it happened at a stop.

7. In January, 2002, after my speech on TV and other mass-media concerning the doubtful moments connected to the investigation of the explosions of houses in Moscow and bad organizing abilities of the head of the FSB Patrushev N.P., they threw up cartridges into my apartment and there is an action against me till now.

8. In the autumn of 2002, when I specified the possible participation in the act of terrorism in the "Northeast" of the provoker "Abdul", whom in 1995 Patrushev had rescued from criminal prosecution, I was indicted, that I ostensibly was divulging the data, making the state secret. The chief of the Services of the USB of the FSB of the Russian Federation Fomenko used the old agent – provoker of the UFPO of the FSB Victor Vasilevich living in Solntsevo and involved to those insurgents, who had been in the "Northeast".

9. As I began to investigate the events related to the "Northeast", with death of 129 innocent people, and the cooked earlier criminal case was crashing, the authorities did not manage to put me to prison and to shut my mouth, by the anniversary of the "Northeast" and the 5-anniversary of the known press conference of employees of the URPO of the FSB of the Russian Federation (at which I also came out as a victim of lawlessness), the next provocation with throwing in my car a gun with cartridges was arranged. (They dreamed of it in 1997, when I had legal proceedings with Patrushev and won)

This time I was arrested without proofs, put into a cell with conditions obviously humiliating human advantage (lousiness, bugs, without a window and with dim light, without bed, etc.) where I am till now, alone and without any walks for 9 days. I have mixed up day and night, as I have not seen daylight for 9 days. I even have to stand writing to be closer to the dim lamp and to see letters a little.

I think that all these provocations are made by authorities, first of all by the FSB of the Russian Federation in order not to give me, as a lawyer, the opportunity to protect the rights and freedom of citizens, and also to revenge me for the exposing articles and speeches on TV, which expose the authorities in crimes against its people. I am a victim of political reprisals and it is quite obvious.

Yours faithfully, M.I.Trepashkin

The IVS of the Dmitrovskiy Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region, the cell 7.

Chechenpress, the Department of letters, 12.01.05