(Minsk, 3 September, 1991) - About 20 persons participated today in the first public assembly organized by Radical Party in Belorussian main city.

The Minsk city strike committee, which promised to provide a hall for the Radical meeting, in the last moment refused to make it, and the assembly took place in Planeta Hotel.

After speeches of Nikolaj Khramov, Konstantin Noskov and Aleksej Galich (Radicals from Minsk) who presented history and current activity of Radical Party, some members of other Belorussian political parties took the word, among them: Andrej Teljkovskij, deputy of Minsk city soviet, member of leadership of the United Democratic Party of Belorussia (UDPB); Mihail Plisko, president of UDPB; Mihail Vashkevich, president of Christian Democratic Union of Belorussia.

4 new members joined Radical Party after the meeting.