Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Since 21 February 2014, a Delegation composed by Antonio Stango, Laura Harth, Nikolaj Khramov e Stefano Marrella is in Kiev.


Conference "Raison d’Etat vs Rule of Law" - Audio-video

Conference in Brussels on the Rule of Law, Raison d’Etat, war in Iraq and Right to Know 



 The newsletter of the Radical Party 

Senato del Partito Radicale

Roma, 8/9 febbraio 2014

Roma, 14 dicembre 2013

Vignetta di Forattini per Marco

Saving Timbuktu

Our call in support of the appeal by Presidents Chirac and Diouf "Sauver Tombouctou pour sauver la paix / Saving Timbuktu to save the peace"

Sign the appeal

First Signatures (italian)

The NRPTT at the United Nations

39° Congress

39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (Second Session).


39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (First Session).


General Council

Tunisi: 22-24 July 2011
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1° day | 2° day | 3° day

Barcelona: 3-5 September 2010 
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1° day | 2°day | 3° day
Documents: Motions

Rome: 28-30 May 2010  
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1° day | 2° day | 3° day

Rome: 20-22 November 2009  
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Documents: General motion

Archivio storico foto

Arnold Roth - padre di una delle vittime del terrorismo palestinese (nel corso di una conferenza stampa al King David Hotel).
Arnold Roth - padre di una delle vittime del terrorismo palestinese (nel corso di una conferenza stampa al King David Hotel).

Four days of nonviolence, hunger strike and silence from July 18th.

On Wednesday, July 18th we will begin with our four days of nonviolence, hunger strike and silence. From now until then, It will be necessary to prepare and explain well the reasons behind this choice.

The decision has been made thanks to the encouraging action undertaken by prof. Andrea Pugiotto who drafted an open letter to the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, which over 100 academics, including public and criminal law professors, have undersigned.



On June 28th, after the reception at the Elysee by French president François Hollande yesterday and the one at Hôtel de Ville by Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë, Burma's historical leader Aung San Suu Kyi met lawmakers in the National Assembly and in the Senate. Then she went to the Musée Marmottan to take part in a meeting organized in her honor by the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society.


Uruguay proposes controlled legalization of marihuana

The draft legislation to be presented by the leftist government of President José Mujica is designed to beat growing violence and insecurity
The Uruguay government will introduce a draft bill for the “controlled legalization” of marihuana, which implies state control over the production and distribution of the drug.
It is the first Latin-American country to propose this type of legislative norm.


The Radical Party will attend the demonstration of the Collective of Malians of Belgium

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 23rd, from 12 to 14 at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels the second sit-in of the Collective of Malians of Belgium will take place. The Radical Party will attend this event. It will be a white sit-in. Organizers invite all who wish to attend to dress in white. The Collective has already crafted many T-shirts for the event. T-shirts are sold at the fair price of 10 € each.


Statement by Emma Bonino

Rome, 12 June 2012 - It is completely unacceptable that these four international officials, travelling on the official business of an independent, international judicial institution, have been detained. We call upon the Libyan authorities to release them immediately and unconditionally.


Mali: the ICC must act and send a reminder that no impunity for human rights violations will be tolerated

In a statement released last month, the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court declared that it was closely following the situation in Mali since clashes erupted in January. It also indicated that it was considering the possibility of commencing, on its own initiative,a preliminary investigation in that country, in accordance with Articles 15 and 53(1) of the Rome Statute.



As Greece struggles to form a government, many in Europe are resigned to its exit from the eurozone, which they claim may be better than years of harsh austerity. There also seems to be a growing feeling that Europe is now strong enough to contain contagion from a Greek exit. In fact, we believe a Greek exit would be an economic and political catastrophe. It is far from certain that the current EFSF/ESM framework will be able to prevent contagion or deal with a bank run in Italy or Spain.


Conference: "Immigration, a challenge and a necessity. Proposals for a leap forward".

The conference will provide an opportunity to advance some proposals and to understand the plans of ministers in the coming weeks. The themes are different: expulsions, the decree on illegal work now under discussion in Parliament, integration policies, implementation of the "gipsy plan" approved by the Council of Ministers.


Uyghurs, Death Penalty: Report by Sen. Marco Perduca from Japan

On May 14th I attended the inaugural session of 4th session of the General Assembly of the World Uyghur Congress, which took place in the Japanese parliament. In addition to Uyghur leader Rebya Kadeer, the meeting was attended by 126 Uyghur delegations across the world, 20 Japanese Members of Parliament representing the newborn Japanese Parliamentary Friendship Group with the Uyghur People (almost all of them are in the opposition), three Turkish MPs, several Tibetan, Mongolians, Manchurians, Tatars representatives and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). NED partly finances the activities of four Uyghur organizations. In 2004, the Rafto Foundation awarded Mrs Kadeer with a prize while still in prison.

UN: Human rights in Bahrain under study by Geneva activists Appeal to stop omitting Bahrain from changes in Arab world

The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (NRPTT), in partnership with No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ), convened on Monday 21 May a meeting on "Towards Justice for Bahrain", which was hosted at the United Nations Office (Palais des Nations) in Geneva.

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