Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Since 21 February 2014, a Delegation composed by Antonio Stango, Laura Harth, Nikolaj Khramov e Stefano Marrella is in Kiev.


Conference "Raison d’Etat vs Rule of Law" - Audio-video

Conference in Brussels on the Rule of Law, Raison d’Etat, war in Iraq and Right to Know 



 The newsletter of the Radical Party 

Senato del Partito Radicale

Roma, 8/9 febbraio 2014

Roma, 14 dicembre 2013

Vignetta di Forattini per Marco

Saving Timbuktu

Our call in support of the appeal by Presidents Chirac and Diouf "Sauver Tombouctou pour sauver la paix / Saving Timbuktu to save the peace"

Sign the appeal

First Signatures (italian)

The NRPTT at the United Nations

39° Congress

39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (Second Session).


39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (First Session).


General Council

Tunisi: 22-24 July 2011
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Barcelona: 3-5 September 2010 
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Rome: 28-30 May 2010  
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Rome: 20-22 November 2009  
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Archivio storico foto

Presentazione del rapporto 2003 sulla pena di morte, curato dall'associazione Nessuno Tocchi Caino.
Joseph Bavura, fratello di Nico, condannato a mort
Presentazione del rapporto 2003 sulla pena di morte, curato dall'associazione Nessuno Tocchi Caino. Joseph Bavura, fratello di Nico, condannato a morte nel Congo per l'uccisione di Laurent Kabila.

United Nations: New resolution pro moratorium on executions voted by a record number of 110 countries

On 19 November 2012, the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in New York adopted a new resolution on a moratorium on the use of the death penalty, the fourth since 2007.

A record number of countries voted in favor of the Resolution, and there was a decrease in vote against it. The result was 110 votes in favor (+2 compared to 2010 Resolution), 39 against (-2), 36 abstentions (=) and 8 absent (+1).


Death Penalty: Nonviolent Radical Party and Hands off Cain on a four-day mission to Chad

A delegation of Hands off Cain and the Nonviolent Radical Party is leaving today for a four day mission to Chad to support the abolitionist process in the country and to obtain the country’s vote in favour of the UN Resolution on a Universal Moratorium on death penalty.
The mission, that has been made possible by the contribution of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is composed of Marco Pannella, President of Hands off Cain, Elisabetta Zamparutti, its Treasurer, Demba Traorè, Secretary General of the Nonvi



The delegation of the Radical Party and Hands Off Cain today ended its mission in the Central African Republic meeting with the Prime Minister Faustin-Archange Touadera.
The head of government has assured Sergio D'Elia, Elisabetta Zampartutti and Marco Perduca that the Central African Republic will vote in favor of the resolution on the universal Moratorium that will be presented next month at the UN in New York.
The Prime Minister also expressed the political will to implement all legal means available to remove the death penalty, confirming the commitments undertaken by his government before the UN Human Rights Council for the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, prodromal to definitive abolition of the death penalty, no longer applied in the country for over 30 years.


Tibet: Arriva a Roma la fiaccola della verita’ che chiede all’Onu di intervenire sulla violazione dei diritti umani in Tibet. Lunedi' 29-10 marcia Colosseo – Campidoglio e consegna della fiaccola a Marco Pannella e Andrea Di Priamo.

Lunedi 29 ottobre giungerà a Roma la Staffetta della Fiaccola della Verita’ per il Tibet. La Fiaccola, partita il 6 luglio 2012 (compleanno di S.S. il XIV Dalai Lama) sta facendo il giro del mondo divisa in tre diversi gruppi (Americhe, Europa e Asia) con il supporto e sostegno di tutte le comunità tibetane nel mondo, delle Associazioni pro-Tibet italiane ed europee, e degli Interguppi sul Tibet.


On Blair in Vietnam

On 15 October, Tony Blair made his first visit to Vietnam. He met students and teachers of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, which belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Blair said: “If you want to work in diplomacy or politics, you have to be interested in and pay attention to people. You should try to find out what people around you are interested in, are concerned about.


Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-exile Lobsan Sangay to visit Rome on 24 and 25 October. Talks with Marco Pannella and public meeting at the headquarters of the Radical Party scheduled on October 25

Next 24 and 25 October the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-exile Lobsan Sangay will be in Rome for several meetings with local authorities, MPs and pro-Tibet groups.

Thursday 25 at 17 the Prime Minister will meet Marco Pannella and Matteo Mecacci MP, Chairman of the Tibet Intergroup of the Chamber of Deputies.


World Day Against the Death Penalty: Hands off Cain in Freetown to deliver the prize "Abolitionist of the year 2012" to the president Koroma.

On 10 October 2012, during a ceremony at the Palace State House in Freetown in Sierra Leone, the seat of the Presidency of the Republic, a delegation of Hands Off Cain and the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty (NRPTT), composed of the Secretary of HOC,Sergio D'Elia, the co-vice President of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Senator Marco Perduca, andElisabetta Zamparutti, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Treasurer of HOC, presented the Award "Abolitionist of the Year 2012" to President Ernest Bai Koroma,because a year ago he emptied death row, commuted all death sentences, and has engaged in international fora to abolish the death penalty.

Nobel Peace Prize/ Emma Bonino:"An acknowledgement for the past, a harsh warning for the present (hopefully) and an encouragement for the future"

"The Prize is without doubts an authoritative and prestigious acknowledgement of the European project born from the ashes of two World Wars and a genocide and based on the strength and vision of the assumption "no more wars among us". So it happened, and for this reason, Europe and in particular its founding fathers deserved the Prize a long time ago.


Quinta edizione della “Marcia internazionale per la libertà delle minoranze e dei popoli oppressi”

 Si terrà sabato 13 ottobre a Roma, dalla Bocca della Verità al Colosseo, la Quinta edizione della “Marcia internazionale per la libertà delle minoranze e dei popoli oppressi”, co-promossa dalla associazione di cultura liberale “Società Libera” e dal Partito Radicale Nonviolento Transnazionale e Transpartito.

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