For a new human right: the Right to Know

For a new human right: the Right to Know

Today the Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain launch a crowd funding campaign aimed at the organisation of...

RNN 71: Rita Bernardini's marijuana plantation (finally) seized

RNN 71: Rita Bernardini's marijuana plantation (finally) seized

In the news: Another radical victory against Law 40; Former Egyptian President Morsi sentenced to death; Runnymede Tories; June 7, elections in Turkey; Roma evicted in Teramo; Italians abroad

The written proceedings of the Conference “Rule of Law vs Reason of State” presented at Westminster

The written proceedings of the Conference “Rule of Law vs Reason of State” presented at Westminster

Last October 22 the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster in London, hosted the presentation of the written proceedings of the Brussels Conference “Rule of Law vs Reason of State”...


I am under arrest!

Rita Bernardini

“I am under arrest!” This is the sentence Emma Bonino pronounced when she handed herself over to the police back in 1975. It happened on Sunday, June 15, in the middle of the Radical campaign for the legalization of abortion, while Radicals performed disobediences all over Italy, against the regulations of the Rocco code on race integrity.


85 years of "crazy" Pannella. A warm hug from all of us


They are no small feat, 85 years, especially when they have been lived with the untamable passion and intensity of Marco Pannella: a personality who, no matter the opinion or judgment you hold on him, is a walking piece of Italian contemporary history. One who duelled from the colums of the "Country" with Palmiro Togliatti in the 50s. One of whom Rachele Mussolini said: "He reminds me of my young Benito". One who, at twenty years old, went to see Benedetto Croce in Napoli and is received in his office to talk of politics for the entire afternoon.


Northern Cyprus. Social-democrat Mustafa Akıncı has won: a vote for Island unification and a more autonomy from Ankara

Mustafa Akıncı

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has chosen its new President: 67 years old social-democrat Mustafa Akıncı has won in election runoff on Sunday April 26 gaining 60% of support and beating incumbent conservative Derviş Eroğlu.

Akıncı has distanced its opponent with 20% of votes; he has got support from both right wing and leftist voters with an election campaign based on the promise of restart peace negotiation with Greek Cypriots for the reunification of the Island divided from 40 years.


Niger grants amnesty

Mahamadou Issoufou

On 22 April 2015, President Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger issued a new clemency measure, to mark the fourth anniversary of his investiture.

According to the presidential decree, all convicts sentenced to death had their terms commuted to life in prison, while prisoners sentenced to life in prison had their sentences reduced to 30 years’ imprisonment.

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