Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Delegation of the NRPTT in Kiev

Since 21 February 2014, a Delegation composed by Antonio Stango, Laura Harth, Nikolaj Khramov e Stefano Marrella is in Kiev.


Conference "Raison d’Etat vs Rule of Law" - Audio-video

Conference in Brussels on the Rule of Law, Raison d’Etat, war in Iraq and Right to Know 



 The newsletter of the Radical Party 

1° Convegno di Bruxelles

Per lo Stato di Diritto e i Diritti Umani contro la Ragion di Stato

Senato del Partito Radicale

Roma, 8/9 febbraio 2014

Roma, 14 dicembre 2013

Saving Timbuktu

Our call in support of the appeal by Presidents Chirac and Diouf "Sauver Tombouctou pour sauver la paix / Saving Timbuktu to save the peace"

Sign the appeal

First Signatures (italian)

The NRPTT at the United Nations

39° Congress

39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (Second Session).


39° Congress of The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational e Transparty (First Session).


General Council

Tunisi: 22-24 July 2011
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1° day | 2° day | 3° day

Barcelona: 3-5 September 2010 
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1° day | 2°day | 3° day
Documents: Motions

Rome: 28-30 May 2010  
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1° day | 2° day | 3° day

Rome: 20-22 November 2009  
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Documents: General motion

Archivio storico foto

3a marcia antimilitarista Milano-Vicenza.Tratta: San Bonifacio-Arzignano.
Marciatori con cartelli ("Costruisci la pace abolendo gli eserciti!".
3a marcia antimilitarista Milano-Vicenza.Tratta: San Bonifacio-Arzignano. Marciatori con cartelli ("Costruisci la pace abolendo gli eserciti!".

We Are All Vietnamese Bloggers! - Campaign

31 million people use the Internet in Vietnam, compared with 2 million in 2000. The authorities are actively promoting the Internet to support economic development and trade. But they are determined to control online content, and to crack down on all those who use the Internet to denounce corruption, social inequalities or the lack of freedom of expression.


EU court rules Italy prison overcrowding violates rights

[JURIST] The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) [official website] ruled [judgment, in French] Tuesday that overcrowding in Italy's prisons violates the basic rights of inmates.


UK Chilcot Inquiry: “The Iraq War Was Unlawful”. Unanimous Legal Opinion of Foreign Office Lawyers

Cameron government is blocking publication of their “official” report. 
4 January 2013.
The UK Cameron government is blocking publication of their “official” report on Iraq war until perhaps 2014 or later, according to the 

Rassegna Internazionale (2)

Pannella: Le Monde / Frankfurter Rundschau / Südwest Presse / Radio int. ollandese in spagnolo (ANP/AFP) /  Le Vif (Belga) / Sud Africa: The New Age (AFP) 

Le | 21.12.2012


L’ONU appelle à l’interdiction mondiale des mutilations génitales féminines

Jeudi, les Nations Unies ont incontestablement marqué une étape historique dans la lutte pour endiguer, voire réprimer une violation manifeste et largement répandue des droits humains individuels: l'Assemblée Générale a adopté, par consensus, une résolution appelant tous les États à approuver des lois interdisant et pénalisant la pratique des mutilations génitales féminines (MGF).


Banning Female Genital Mutilation - Emma Bonino on The New York Times

The fight to eliminate the scourge of female genital mutilation is breaking new ground. The United Nations General Assembly is poised to adopt a resolution on Thursday calling on all states to enact legislation banning this egregious human rights violation.


Marco Pannella's hunger and thirst strike International Press Review

FROM:MTV, TV naz_ ungherese (MTI) / UPI / Sharjah-UAE: Gulf Today (AFP) / TAZ "die Tageszeitung" (Berlino) / DPA / El Siglo de Durango (Mexico) / Terra_com / Hn Online (Ecopress group Bratislava/ ag_ TASR) / Magyar Nemzet (MTI) / Tribune de Geneve, Lausanne: Le Matin 24 Heures (AFP/Newsnet) / China Times (Taiwan) / Notimex (Mexico)/ radio svizzera int_ (AFP portoguese)/ RTL Belgio (ag_Belga)/ Radio int_ Ollandese serv_ spagnolo (ANP/AFP) / 

Brussels Antenna of the Radical Party joined the Tibetan gathering atSchuman and march to the Chinese Embassy (6 km)

On Human Rights Day 2012 Tibetans all over the world will be protesting to show solidarity towards Tibetans inside Tibet as the wave of self-immolation continuing in Tibet reached 92 under Chinese Government’s repressive policies. Tibetan organizations and Tibet support groups in Belgium are jointly organizing this demonstration to intensify efforts to convince the Chinese government to resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue.



Ban FGM Campaign: Draft resolution adopted by the UNGA Third Committee is a landmark step in global efforts to put an end to this human rights violation

Today the Social, Humanitarian Cultural Affairs Committee (commonly referred to as the Third Committee) of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted the draft resolution Intensifying Global Efforts for the elimination of female genital mutilation” submitted by the African Group at the UN last October. The UNGA is expected to consider its adoption in December in the framework of its 67th session.


Death penalty: The mission of the Radical Party in Chad continues

Yesterday was the second day of the mission of Hands Off Cain and the Radical Party in Chad to support the abolitionist process internally and gain the support of the African country to the UN resolution for the universal moratorium on executions.
The Radical delegation is composed of the President of Hands Off Cain Marco Panella, by the Treasurer Elisabetta Zamparutti, the Secretary General of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty, Demba Traorè, and the General Counsel of the Radical Party Matteo Angioli.

European Council/ECB: Open letter to Van Rompuy

Mr. President,
The appointment by the European Council of the members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, as set by article 283 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, deserves particular attention if such an appointment undermines serious aspects of democratic legitimacy, thus broadening the gap between European institutions and citizens.

United Nations: New resolution pro moratorium on executions voted by a record number of 110 countries

On 19 November 2012, the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in New York adopted a new resolution on a moratorium on the use of the death penalty, the fourth since 2007.

A record number of countries voted in favor of the Resolution, and there was a decrease in vote against it. The result was 110 votes in favor (+2 compared to 2010 Resolution), 39 against (-2), 36 abstentions (=) and 8 absent (+1).


Death Penalty: Nonviolent Radical Party and Hands off Cain on a four-day mission to Chad

A delegation of Hands off Cain and the Nonviolent Radical Party is leaving today for a four day mission to Chad to support the abolitionist process in the country and to obtain the country’s vote in favour of the UN Resolution on a Universal Moratorium on death penalty.
The mission, that has been made possible by the contribution of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is composed of Marco Pannella, President of Hands off Cain, Elisabetta Zamparutti, its Treasurer, Demba Traorè, Secretary General of the Nonvi

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