Letter by Sichan Siv, United States Representative on the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to Emma Bonino

Dear Mrs. Bonino,

Thank you for the information included in the letter dated May 31, 2004, concerning the Transnational Radical Party (TRP). The United States Delegation is aware of the important work that your organization conducts, and the n

Son Chhay: Urgent request to Ambassadors of United States, Canada, UK, and Germany. RE: Plight of the Montagnard Asylum Seekers

Kingdom of Cambodia

National Assembly
Ref: SC04/019
10th June, 2004

Urgent request to Ambassadors of United States, Canada, UK, and Germany

RE: Plight of the Montagnard Asylum Seekers

Your Excellencies,

Chechnya: Open Letter to Olivier Dupuis

International Assembly For Peace In Chechnya 20
Neptune Avenue, Suit: 1
Winthrop, Mass 02152 USA

Dear Olivier!

We, Chechens, who escaped by a miracle the hell, and sympathizers of other nationalities are whole-heartedly grat

Letter to Emma Bonino by Mr. Jean-Marie Fakhouri, Director, Bureau for Asia and the Pacific of the UNCHR

To Ms. Emma Bonino
Member of the European Parliament Rome


Thank you for your letter of 18 May 2004 in which you share additional concerns regarding the situation of Vietnamese Montagnard asylum-seekers attempting to seek prote

Montagnards: Press Release by Senator Thach Setha President of Khmer Kampuchea Krom Community

The current crisis, which involved with crime against humanity, committed by the Cambodian authorities on the Montagnards refugees, is of great concern. The refugees from the Central Highlands region of Socialist Republic of Vietnam who have escaped
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