Vietnam: letter of Ven. Thich Quang Do to the Transnational Radical Party

Institute for the Dissemination of the Faith

Thanh Minh Zen Monastery
90 Tran Huy Lieu
District 15, Phu Nhuan Ward
Ho Chi Minh City

Buddhist Era 2547 Saigon, July 5

Open Letter to Jaques Chirac from Enver Can

Munich, 01.06.2003

To: Jaques Chirac
Republic of France

Dear Sir,

You are hosting the Annual Summit of the G-8 Group in France, and will be also meeting Mr. Hu Jintao, the President o

Overseas Congregations of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam in the United States, Europe and Australia call for the release of Venerable Thich Quang Do and the right to existence of the banned UBCV


Official information service of Vien Hoa Dao, Unified Buddhist church of Vietnam
B.P. 63 - 94472 Boissy Saint Leger cedex (France)

Open Letter to Vladimir Putin from Enver Can, President of ETNC

To: Messers Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbaev, Islam Karimov, Askar Akaev, Emomali Rakhmanov (Presidents of Russian Federation, Republics of Kazakhstan, Usbekistan, Kyrgyzistan and Tajikistan)

Dear Sirs,

We wish the delibera

Letter by Marco Cappato to Olivier Dupuis and to the members of the Transnational Radical Party and of Radicali italiani

Brussels, 10 May 2003

Dear Olivier,

from your letter to Marco I learn that in the last nine years, that is since I began to be involved full-time in the TRP, we have lived in two different parties. I learn, in fact, from the form and th

Letter by Danilo Quinto to the members of the Transnational Radical Party and of Radicali Italiani on the resignation of Olivier Dupuis

Dear friends,

Below is a copy of my considerations on the resignation of Olivier Dupuis, as posted on the Radicali.it forum

Best wishes,

Danilo Quinto


Letter by Olivier Dupuis to Marco Pannella and copy to all members of the Transnational Radical Party

Brussels, 30 April 2003

Dear Marco,

in the last few months and the last few days (and even in the last few hours) it has been my lot to hear some quite incredible things from you, either directly or indirectly. Incredible not only becau

The full text of the U.S. Congressional letters, of April 21, 2003, in opposition to NTR trade status to Laos written to President Bush, Secretary Powell and Chairman Crane

In response to Laos’ ongoing support for “Axis of Evil” terrorist regimes as well as the fourth (4th) anniversary of the disappearance of two Hmong-Americans, strongly worded Congressional letters in opposition to the proposal by the Bush Administrat

Letter from 36 Lao organisations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France and the United States, to Mr Philip M. Crane, Chairman, Subcommittee on Trade, Committees on Ways and Means, United States Congress.

Paris, 10 April 2003

Mr. President,
Honorable Members of the ‘Ways and Means’ Commission,

The representatives of the Lao Diaspora, co-signatories of the present letter, would first of all like to greet the quality o

Freedom for the Laotian prisoners of opinion and conscience: letter of 31 MEPs to the Laotian authorities

For the attention of:

Mr Khamtay SIPHANDONE, President of Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Mr Boungnang VORACHIT, Prime Minister of Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Mr Samane VIGNAKETH, President of the National Asse
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