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Conferences do not mean “achievements”

I was annoyed to see that many articles came in the official media in Yemen mentioning the achievement of the Sana’a Inter-Governmental Conference on Human Rights, Democracy and the International Criminal Court during 11-12 of this month.
It is am

Yemen - Sana`a Regional Conference is very important

Politicians and journalists as well as Arab activists described Sana'a Regional Conference as fruitful and successful .

They asserted to Saba News Agency that the great deal of participants at both official and popular level besides the NG

Is a pax Americana in the offing?


Despite the misery of Israel-Palestine and the bloody uncertainty in Iraq, there are hopeful signs across the wider region

“There is no longer any place for dictatorship,” said the president. “Democracy is the choice of the

Democracy and Human Rights Conference in theory and reality

SANA’A - “Democracy is the lifebuoy for all political regimes in the third world,” stated President Ali Abdullah Saleh in his opening address of the Democracy and Human Rights Conference in Sana’a last week. The statement could have been a motto for

Sana'a (Yemen), 10-12 January 2004

More than 850 delegates from the Arab world and Europe took part in this Intergovernmental meeting, jointly hosted by the President of Yemen and EU past-Commissioner, Emma Bonino, now of the European NGO, No Peace Without Justice. Attendance was seve

Other comment: Change in the Middle East

President George W. Bush would surely have been glad to hear President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen say recently, ‘‘There is no longer a place for dictatorships’’ and ‘‘We reject any form of terror.’’ He would overlook Saleh’s pointing out that some c

Yemen: President Saleh: Democracy conference a historic success

SANA’A - President Saleh delivered a speech confirming the success of the Regional Conference on Democracy, Human Rights, and Role of the International Criminal Court saying, “I believe the conference is a historic success.”

He expressed hope

Yemen - Sana`a Conference achieved goals : Dell’Alba

Gianfranco Dell’Alba - Assistant Secretary General of the Italian Ngo, No Peace Without Justice , a co- organizer of the Sana`a Inter- Governmental Regional Conference on Democracy ,Human Rights and the Role of the ICC said in an interview with Saba

Yemen - Sana`a Conference will be platform the regin`s countries :Danilo

The representative of the United Nations to the Sana`a Inter- governmental Regional Conference on Democracy Human Rights and the Role of the International Criminal Court Mr Danilo Turk said : the outcomes of the conference have been fruitful and it w

Sana'a Conference: The Overcrowd of Official Statements within the Official Address Momentum

When holding Sana'a conference on Democracy and Human Rights became imminent, the civil society organizations started looking for complaints against the government which , for a long time , compelled such organization to accept what they consider as
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