#73 | 06/03/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #73

Guarantor for detainees in the Abruzzi: Radical victory of "Amnesty, Justice and Freedom", or more proof of the overwhelming partycratic regime?

Vincenzo Di Nanna @vincenzodinanna
Abruzzi news headlines state how the implementation of the law establishing the Office of the Guarantor for persons subject to restrictive measures on their personal freedom, four years after its... [MORE]

Whistleblowing: Globaleaks on senzabarcode.it (1/2)

Diego Sabatinelli @dsabatinelli
senzabarcode.it presented its digital whistleblowing platform, which will use the Globaleaks platform and TOR browser to allow complete anonimity to its users. In the USA whistleblowing –... [MORE]

Is Italy to face a new EU infringement procedure?

Massimiliano Iervolino @iervolino_m
Italy and 10 other EU countries (Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden) failed to fully implement the EU directive on the... [MORE]

The resignation and legacy of Blair in the Middle East

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
"There is still no tangible political horizon in sight" between Israel and Palestine, says the Report of the Quartet Office for the Middle East, presented in Brussels on May 27. The same... [MORE]

Meet the hero of the abolition of the death penalty in Nebraska (1/2)

Valerio Fioravanti @HandsOffCain_it
African-American, 77 years old and an independent: Senator Ernie Chambers is the absolute protagonist of the recent abolitionist victory in Nebraska. Since always an acitivist for human rights,... [MORE]

Erdoğan: «Conquest is to hoist the Islamic flag over Jerusalem»

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino*
Turkish Parliament elections are scheduled for next Sunday June 7. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is afraid that, after 13 years in government, his party (AKP) would be weakened as a result of the... [MORE]



Photo of the week

Lincoln, May 27, 2015: The Nebraska Parliament votes in favour of the abolition of the death penalty, thus becoming the first Republican-led State to abolish the death penalty since 1973. In the centre: Ernie Chambers, author of the bill.

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