#70 | 05/12/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #70

Radical auction takes off: 60 years of history

Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini Valerio Federico @ValerioFederico
Today, May 13, we launch an online auction full of objects – books, manifests, pictures and much more – linked to the history of the Radicals and Italy. On the website www.astaradicale.it... [MORE]

Marco Pannella receives Award for Europe “Federico II” 2015

Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini
On May 9, Europe day, I withdrew on behalf of Marco Pannella the Award for Europe "Federico II", awarded by Cultural Association House of Europe in Enna. One of the association's... [MORE]

Paolo Ermini interviews Marco Pannella

Radicali Firenze @RadicaliFirenze
Wednesday 27 May, at 6PM, the editor of Corriere Fiorentino Paolo Ermini will publically interview Marco Pannella. The interview will be held at Chalet Fontana in Viale Galilei 7, Florence. For more... [MORE]

Basilicata: ARPAB on Waste Registry

Maurizio Bolognetti* @mbolognetti
Arpa Basilicata maintained its promise on the "waste registry" made in my presence to Councillor Berlinguer on March 3rd. I am convinced we made a small step forward in the right direction... [MORE]

At the UN the prohibitionist consensus on drugs gives way to a possible dissensus. Europe keeps silent

Marco Perduca @Perdukistan
On 6 and 7 May, the United Nations have held a series of meetings in preparation for the General Assembly Special Session on drugs, UNGASS, planned for 2016, the events culminated with a high-level... [MORE]

USA: thousands dead, few prosecuted

Valerio Fioravanti @HandsOffCain_it
Two recent articles in the New York Times and Washington Post have calculated that every year the police kill an average of 1,100 people, and that since 2005, only 54 police officers were indicted... [MORE]

Landmark ruling in the United States: Appeal Court declares NSA's mass surveillance system illegal

Luca Viscardi
On May 7, the Federal Court of Appeal in New York ruled the pervasive collection of data on American citizens by the NSA to be illegal. Judge Gerard Lynch stated that "such expansion in the... [MORE]

Increase in capital executions in Iran

Domenico Letizia @LetiziaDo
News regarding the number of capital executions in Iran continues to be of great concern. A few days ago, I published a collection of data on the executions in the country during the month of April... [MORE]

EU Commission on Roma: after the Czech Republic, now Slovakia. Is Italy next?

Simone Sapienza @simonesapienza
After the Czech Republic, Slovakia is the second Member State under scrutiny in an infringement procedure for breach of Community law re discrimination of the Roma population. The charges relate to... [MORE]



Photo of the week

Vatican City, May 11, 2015: Pope Francis greets Emma Bonino during a meeting with children organized by the Foundation Fabbrica della Pace.

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