#69 | 05/06/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN 69

85 years of "crazy" Pannella. A warm hug from all of us

Valter Vecellio*
They are no small feat, 85 years, especially when they have been lived with the untamable passion and intensity of Marco Pannella: a personality who, no matter the opinion or judgment you hold on him... [MORE]

I am under arrest!

Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini
“I am under arrest!” This is the sentence Emma Bonino pronounced when she handed herself over to the police back in 1975. It happened on Sunday, June 15, in the middle of the Radical... [MORE]

Hands Off Cain chooses Pope Francis as the “Abolitionist of the Year”

Sergio D'Elia* @sdelia3
“The Abolitionist of the Year” Award is presented by Hands Off Cain (HOC) to recognize the person, who, above all others, has shown extraordinary commitment to the struggle for a... [MORE]

My experience with euthanasia in Belgium

Laura Harth @LauraHarth
On Saturday, May 2nd, I participated in "Il Maratoneta", a weekly broadcast by the Luca Coscioni Association on Radio Radicale, conducted by Mirella Parachini. Central theme of the... [MORE]

Update on the II International Conference for the Rule of Law

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
The preparation of the Second International Conference on the Rule of Law and the Right to Know continues by informing and involving the various political and academic personalities that we hope will... [MORE]

Parliamentary question on Cancer Registry in Campania

Luca Bove @LucaBove Eleonora Bechis @EleonoraBechis
Eleonora Bechis, MP for Alternativa Libera, presented a Written Question to the Minister of Health on the shortcomings in the implementation of the Cancer Registry in Campania. In fact, 26... [MORE]

Banking union and systemic risks

Gionny D'Anna @GionnyDAnna
After the 2013 crisis in Cyprus, the new Banking Union that will enter in force in 2016 aims to divide the banking risk from sovereign risk, by avoiding as much as possible that new public resources... [MORE]



Photo of the week

Rome, May 2, 2015: Marco Pannella celebrates his 85th birthday in the Radical Party headquarters in Rome

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