#64 | 03/31/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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"Rule of Law vs. Reason of State" presented in Paris

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
On Monday, March 30, we presented the Written Proceedings of the Conference "Rule of Law versus Reason of State", held in Brussels in February 2014, at the Senate of the French Republic in... [MORE]

Held in Rome conference “Turkey in Europe now!”

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino
On March 27, a conference organized by «Diritto e Libertà» magazine and titled: «Turkey in Europe now! The urgency to overcome obstacles and preconception, ten years after... [MORE]

Firmigoni: after 5 years the Council of State certifies the illegality of 2010 Regional Elections

Marco Cappato @marcocappato Lorenzo Lipparini @llipparini
Five years after we presented the appeal - one month ahead of the 2010 Regional Elections in Lombardy - by which we asked for the exclusion of Roberto Formigoni and his coalition from the electoral... [MORE]

Massive international support for Elisabetta Zamparutti

Sergo D'Elia @sdelia3
A growing number of international personalities is supporting Elisabetta Zamparutti as candidate to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) of the Council of Europe. Read their appeal: We... [MORE]

Electoral Law: yes to the Italia Unica appeal against Italicum

Rita Bernardini @Radicali Emma Bonino Marco Pannella
The appeal launched by Italia Unica, the political organization of Corrado Passera, and directed at MPs and Senators, is convergent with out analysis on the counter-reforms proposed by the Renzi... [MORE]

Quick Divorce, almost there

Diego Sabatinelli @dsabatinelli
On March 18, after a long and arduous process, a large majority in the Senate has finally approved the Quick Divorce, which must now return to the Parliament, but only for some minor "technical... [MORE]

Prostitution between tax authorities and Parliament

Luca Bove @lucabove82
The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary and Latvia: in these European countries prostitution is a legal, regularized activity, to which a well-defined fiscal system... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Paris, March 30, 2015: Presention at the French Senate of the Written Proceedings "Rule of Law versus Reason of State". From the left: Matteo Angioli, Marco Pannella, André Gattolin, Michel Troper and Penelope Faulkner
PHOTO: Stefano Marrella

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