#63 | 03/24/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #63

Presentation of “Rule of Law v. Reason of State” in Paris, March 30

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
On Monday, March 30, the proceedings of the Brussels Conference on “Rule of Law v. Reason of State” (February 18-19, 2014) will be presented in Paris. The event will take place at the... [MORE]

Conference in Rome with Emma Bonino and Marco Pannella: «Turkey in Europe Now!»

Mariano Giustino* @MarianoGiustino
Ten years after Turkey’s EU membership accession negotiation started (October 3rd 2005) «Diritto e Libertà» magazine organizes a conference-debate to give negotiation... [MORE]

Serious confrontation within AKP because of Erdoğan excessive power

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino
Harsh criticism to president Erdoğan by Deputy Prime Minister, and AKP founding member, Bülent Arınç are just partially related to disagreements about ongoing negotiations aimed to solve... [MORE]
Papa e Pena di Morte

Pope Francis: the death penalty is the failure of the Rule of Law

Giuseppe Di Leo @GiuDiLeo
The Pope talks of the Rule of Law, not of trivialities. During a meeting with the International Commission against the Death Penalty at the Vatican on March 20th, Pope Francis said: the death penalty... [MORE]
SOS Eutanasia

Starting civil disobedience for the legalization of euthanasia

Marco Cappato @MarcoCappato
We started a new website called www.soseutanasia.it. Three associated persons carry the personal penal responsibility for the information provided, but also for the public logistical support to... [MORE]

Closure of the Psychiatric-Judicial Hospitals (PJH): a media-political scam

Maria Antonietta Farina Coscioni
With increasing intensity the media are spreading the news that the PJHs are closing down: it is not true! Between March 20th and 21st, MPs for Alternativa Libera and former Radical MPs and Radical... [MORE]
Forum delle Droghe

UN begins the preparation of the World Forum on Drugs

Marco Perduca @Perdukistan
The 58th session of the UN Commission on Drugs concluded its work on March 17 with the adoption of a dozen resolutions; among them one that outlines the process of the preparation of the Special... [MORE]
UAV Sipri

The great deals of the military-industrial complex

Valter Vecellio* @NotizieRadicali
It is the kind of news - exactly because they are news - they prefer not to render known, and thus deliberately ignore. The new report of the International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm (... [MORE]
Radical Digital Frontiers hermes (RDFh)

Association Radical Digital Frontiers hermes (RDFh) founded

Emanuele Somma @exedre
A new association made up of NRPTT members has been founded. Radical Digital Frontiers | hermes (RDFh) focuses on the issues of the Right to Know, digital civil liberties and new technologies, and is... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Radicali a Barcellona Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina), March 21, 2015: Rita Bernardini and some Radical activists visit the local Psychiatric-Judicial Hospital in view of its imminent closure

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