#56 | 02/03/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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Crowd funding for the Rule of Law: NOW!

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
Today the Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain launch a crowd funding campaign aimed at the organisation of a Second International Conference for the democratic,... [MORE]

Firmigoni: second conviction for defamation against the Radicals, one month of imprisonment and a 50.000€ fee

Marco Cappato @MarcoCappato
On January 30, the Milan Court convicted the former President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Formigoni to a month of imprisonment and a fee to the Radicals for defamation in their regard. He is... [MORE]

Marco Pannella to receive Degree Honoris Causa

Radical Party @RadicalParty
On Friday, 20 February 2015, at 10.30, the Rector of the University Luciano D'Amico and the Dean of the Faculty for Communication Sciences Stefano Traini will confer a Degree Honoris Causa in... [MORE]

Bahrain: 110 MPs from 43 countries call for the immediate release of Sheikh Ali Salman

NPWJ @NPWJpress Radical Party @RadicalParty
In a joint appeal promoted by Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA),No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and the Radical Party (NRPTT),110 parliamentarians from 43 countries call on the authorities in... [MORE]

From Italy, extraordinary video for legal euthanasia

Eutanasia Legale @eutanasialegale
Italy is discussing legalising euthanasia, but not (yet) in Parliament. 70 individuals including patients, doctors and nurses have joined together in an unprecedented video appeal addressed to... [MORE]

Ohio (USA): all 2015 executions postponed

Sergio D’Elia @sdelia3
On 30 January 2015, Ohio decided to postpone all executions scheduled for 2015 because it needed more time to prepare for a new execution procedure and to secure a new supply of execution drugs. On 8... [MORE]

Obama puts forward a different approach on drugs

Nicolò Calabro @Nikmav88
In June 1971, President Nixon officially launched the “War on Drugs” by declaring drugs themselves public enemy number one. Two years later, he created the DEA (Drug Enforcement... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Per un nuovo diritto umano: il DIRITTO ALLA CONOSCENZA Rome, February 3, 2015: Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain launch a crowd funding campaign to organise the Second Conference on the Democratic, Federalist and Secular Rule of Law

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