#53 | 01/13/2015 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN n.53

Emma Bonino announces illness

Alessio Falconio* @RadioRadicale
During a live interview on Radio Radicale on Monday, January 12th, Emma Bonino announced that she has a tumour in her left lung. The following is the text of her moving speech. I would have preferred... [MORE]

Nonviolent Radical Party should be closed

Angiolo Bandinelli
Exactly two days before Emma asked us, while announcing her illness, to "join the Radical Party", I launched an alarm. "In 1987, the slogan "Either you choose it, or you dissolve... [MORE]

Je Suis Charlie

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
"I believe this natural and profound reaction will encourage the vast majority of Muslims, especially the second generation. So I salute this day in thanking France as we came here to be one of... [MORE]

“Rule of Law versus Reason of State” in Naples

Domenico Letizia @LetiziaDo
Naples and Campania, "emblem" of the Regions characterized by violations of human dignity and individual rights, will be at the centre of the affirmation of the Rule of Law, human rights... [MORE]

Confirmation of 41-bis regime for Provenzano is a decision by a rogue State

Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini
The motives with which Rome's Probate Court confirmed the 41-bis regime for Bernardo Provenzano last week are truly baffling. The extension of "harsh prison" to an octogenarian... [MORE]

Prison regulations are nothing more than scrap paper in Italian prisons!

Valerio Federico @ValerioFederico
Also in Como detainees serve two sentences; one for the crimes committed and one additional sentence for the conditions they are forced to live in inside the penitentiary institutions. This second,... [MORE]

Many uncertainties on the future of the Montelupo JPH

Massimo Lensi * @MassimoLensi
There should now be clear and defined ways to overcome the Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals (JPH), defined by law and common sense. However, in the ancient complex of Montelupo near Florence, the fate... [MORE]

Patronage of "defense of the family" conference infringes rules adopted by Expo Milano 2015

Leonardo Monaco @Monaco_Leonardo
  Radical Association Certi Diritti wrote to the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) to denounce the infringement on the rules by conceding official Expo Milano 2015 patronage to... [MORE]

Both mothers. Certi Diritti Appeal: no recourse by City of Turin

Leonardo Monaco @Monaco_Leonardo
It is the first case where joint parenting had been recognized at the moment of birth. After the judgement by the Rome Juvenile Court, which granted a woman the right to adopt her partner's son a... [MORE]

The answer is to be found in nonviolence

Paolo Izzo @PaoloIzzo
In such dramatic moments, it is incredibly hard to hold a pen firmly in hand. It is hard to decide to hold it over other instruments that might immediately provide greater security, but have proven... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Paris, January 11, 2014: a Radical Party delegation led by Marco Pannella marches with Greens Senator André Gattolin in the "March of the Republic" in support and memory of all 17 victims of terrorism and Charlie Hebdo, with the slogan #JeSuis Charlie

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