#36 | 09/16/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #36

Mina Welby

We call for Parliament's response on the legalization of euthanasia

Mina Welby @Mina_Welby
With the 20 hour walk-around of 11 and 12 September and with the demonstrations held in dozens of squares all over Italy, the Luca Coscioni Association reiterated the desire expressed by a majority... [MORE]

Chad: towards abolition of the death penalty

Sergio D’Elia @sdelia3
On 5 September, the Chadian government adopted a penal code aimed at abolishing the death penalty, Minister of Communication and government spokesman Hassan Sylla Bakari announced after an inter-... [MORE]
Quirico - Bonino

Politics must commence with an operation of truth towards itself

Maurizio Buzzegoli* @MBuzzegoli
"September 11, 13 years later": this is the title of the meeting organized by Oxfam Italia, held in Florence, with the participation of Emma Bonino, historic leader of the Nonviolent... [MORE]

Bush’s heir

Laura Harth @LauraHarth
In an article published on page 9 of the International New York Times in its week-end edition of 13-14 September, Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University Bruce Ackerman writes that... [MORE]
The Iraq Inquiry

Chilcot report on the Iraq war out after the 2015 general elections

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
According to The Independent, the final report of the Iraq Inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot will be published after the general elections of May 2015. “The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war is... [MORE]
Turkey Europe Flags

Turkish population has came back to support EU and NATO

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino
According to German Marshall Fund’s Transatlantic Trends 2014 polls, there is a significant new data about Turkish population perception of EU membership and NATO. A real passion for EU and... [MORE]

Why I would vote NO in the Scottish referendum

Matteo Ariano
On September 18th, the Scots will decide on whether or not to separate themselves from Great Britain nearly three hundred years after their entry into the Union. I will put it very bluntly: if I... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Mina Welby Roma, 11 September 2014: Mina Welby speaking in a walk-around organized by Luca Coscioni Association in front of the Parliament building for the legalization of euthanasia
PHOTO: Mihai Romanciuc

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