#35 | 09/09/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #35

cannabis for medical use

Are you ready for medical cannabis Made in Italy?

Marco Perduca @Perdukistan
Italy has all it takes to start an industrial production of cannabis for medical reasons: a research center in Rovigo, which has the necessary authorizations to study the raw material, and the... [MORE]

The motley crowd of police forces: what strike!?

Ennio Di Francesco*
Why does nobody want to see that the democratic process that led to the reform of the law 121/81 has been betrayed in recent years by Governments, Heads of Police and Unions?  Was there need to... [MORE]
conference foggia

"A governing policy for the territory, now!" - conference sponsored by the Nonviolent Radical Party in Foggia

Luca Viscardi
The conference organized by the Nonviolent Radical Party with the collaboration of the Radical Association "Maria Teresa di Lascia" of Foggia took off from the "water bombs" that... [MORE]
law 40

Law 40: the wind has changed, time to eliminate the last barriers

Filomena Gallo @Filomena_Gallo
The green light for heterologous fertilization in public and private centers given by the Regional Authorities in accordance with judgment 162 of the Constitutional Court, represents the failure of... [MORE]
Englaro case

The right to treatment also implies the right to terminate it

Marco Cappato @MarcoCappato
If we have the right to cure ourselves, we also have the right to terminate a treatment. And if a person in power attempts to prevent this, he or she is abusing of this power. That is what the... [MORE]
Hans Kung

Küng, a catholic theologian?

Giuseppe Di Leo @GiuDiLeo
What does the Rule of Law have to do with what Hans Küng affirms in his latest book, published in Germany under the title "Gluecklich sterben?",  in which the Swiss theologian (... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Selfie La Maddalena (Olbia-Tempio), 9 September 2014: greetings from an "active" holiday from the coordinator (Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli) and the translator (Laura Harth @LauraHarth) of RNN
PHOTO: Matteo Angioli

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