#32 | 08/19/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #32: One step closer to a better justice system


Notes on the visit to the Rebibbia Penitentiary Institute in Rome

Gianmarco Ciccarelli @GianmarcoCicca
The prison has 640 serving penitentiary agents of which 140 are responsible for guarding the wards and transfers of detainees, and 20 are permanently dedicated to the penitentiary ward of the Pertini... [MORE]

Official prison data finally published

Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini
On August 12, after 43 days, I was able to interrupt my hunger strike. I am very satisfied that Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando accepted the proposal I had been pushing for months: the online... [MORE]

Rally/Meeting with Marco Pannella in Taranta Peligna (CH)

Marco Pannella will hold a rally with the citizens of Abruzzo at 6PM today, Tuesday August 19, in Taranta Peligna (Chieti Province). The Mayor of the municipality, Marcello Di Martino, and the... [MORE]

From Guinea to UK the struggle against female genital mutilations continues

Alvilda Jablonko @alvilda
Recent news from around the world confirms an ever-increasing awareness of the crucial importance of a robust legislative response to female genital mutilation (FGM) in any effort to eliminate this... [MORE]

War on drugs made in China

Francesco Radicioni @fradicioni
Beijing donned a helmet and is ready to re-launch its war on drugs. Yesterday, the Chinese police arrested the son of actor Jackie Chan, Jaycee, together with Taiwanese artist Kai Ko, after testing... [MORE]

Photo of the week

italian_radical_delegation_rebibbia Rome, August 15, 2014: a Radical delegation led by Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini and Laura Arconti visits the Rebibbia Penitentiary Institute in Rome to celebrate Mid-August with the detainees
PHOTO: Barbara Brocchi

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