#30 | 08/05/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #30

civil justice

The price of bad justice

Demetrio Bacaro @DBacaro
Inspired by an article in The Economist[1], I researched some data on the influence Italy's bad justice system has on the economy and investments. According to the World Bank's study Doing... [MORE]
gay lgbt putin

Putin's anti-gay laws cross the Russian borders

Leonardo Monaco @Monaco_Leonardo
The law against so-called homosexual propaganda among minors was promulgated by Vladimir Putin on June 30, 2013. The law on foreign agents obliges NGO's that use funding from foreign... [MORE]
quirico radio radicale

Domenico Quirico on the “right to know”

Enrico Salvatori @SalvatoriEnrico
“To me it seems not only necessary but mandatory. The possibility and the ability to read what happened yesterday is essential for the development of a correct attitude towards what is... [MORE]
Yuliya Vassilyeva NTC

Hands Off Cain’s Report 2014 presented in The Hague

Antonio Stango @AntonioStango
A public debate devoted to “International Action for Freedom in Iran and the Middle East” took place in a Catholic cultural centre in The Hague on Saturday, July 26. The event was... [MORE]
legalization of marijuana USA

Cannabis: the Radicals with the NYT and the majority in the U.S. and Italy

Marco Cappato @MarcoCappato
The most famous newspaper in the world, the New York Times, decided to side with those in favour of the legalization of marijuana. The campaign was launched some days ago by some editorials and will... [MORE]
election turkey 2014

Turkey’s presidential elections: Erdoğan is the favourite candidate

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino @TURKEYinEUROPE2023
Next Sunday August 10 Turkish people are going to vote for the new head of the State; it will be the first direct election of the President since the foundation of the Republic. Among the candidates... [MORE]

Photo of the week

marco pannella spaghetti Rome, July 28, 2014: Marco Pannella eats spaghetti al pomodoro in Via della Panetteria after his first session of radiotherapy for a lung tumor

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