#28 | 07/22/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #28


Visit of the UN Delegation against Arbitrary Detention in Italy: Censored

Marco Pannella @MarcoPannella Rita Bernardini @RitaBernardini
This week's real news is the fact that the "news" has been almost entirely censored by the media. Few news agencies apart, no public or private television network or newspaper has... [MORE]
idigov operation

How the Radical Party defeated Putin's Russia at the UN

Marco Perduca @Perdukistan
On 15 July "Operation Idigov, how the Radical Party defeated Putin's Russia at the UN", my first book, finally came out. The text has an introduction by Emma Bonino, unfortunately... [MORE]
Marco Pannella

Outside the scope of the official media, but at the heart of human rights, Marco Pannella met with the people in Padua

Maria Grazia Lucchiari
It must be the strength of the civil conquests for the country and the harsh struggles fought with the instruments of nonviolence that moved the people on a hot and sunny July afternoon. Last... [MORE]

Cambodia: Agreement with opposition forces, but rule of law remains distant dream

Francesco Radicioni @fradicioni
This article for Radical Nonviolent News should have told a different story. The story of a new and heavy crackdown on the opposition forces in Cambodia: an unauthorized demonstration - which... [MORE]

Almost 20 years later, The Netherlands held responsible for the Srebrenica massacre

Marina Sikora
A Dutch Court ruled that the Dutch State is liable for the deaths of almost 300 Bosnian Muslim men who had sought shelter in the UN compound in Srebrenica in July 1995. The compound was under the... [MORE]
Israel in Europe

81% of Israelis favour EU Membership, but how about Palestinians?

Simone Sapienza @SimoneSapienza
"The borders of Israel can be the borders of the United States of Europe (and the Mediterranean)”. These were the first words of the article-manifest Marco Pannella paid to publish on some... [MORE]
Assisted dying

Assisted dying bill passes the House of Lords

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
On Friday, 18 July, after a debate of nearly 10 hours on a crowded floor, on second reading the House of Lords passed the bill to legalize assisted dying. The bill was introduced by Labour member... [MORE]

Right to Know: the international case of Italy (9)

Marco Beltrandi @MarcoBeltrandi
After having created an important internet movement, the already very famous TV comedian Beppe Grillo formally renounced to accepting television invites, except for very rare occasions. The result:... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Abolitionist of the year Rome, 18 July 2014: the association Hands Off Cain awards President of Benin, Yayi Boni, with the prize "Abolitionist of the year" for the outstanding efforts made by his country towards the abolition of the death penalty

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