#23 | 06/17/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #23

Anna Politkovskaya

Why the Politkovskaja case cannot be closed yet

Nikolaj Khramov @khramov
On 9 June 2014, the Moscow City Court pronounced the verdict on the homicide of Anna Politkovskaja, journalist for the Novaja Gazeta famous for her investigations into the war crimes and human rights... [MORE]

Embryonic Research: the Government needs to pick its side #now

Filomena Gallo @filomenagallo Marco Cappato @marcocappato
This week the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights will gather to discuss the case "Adele Parrillo v. Italy", concerning the prohibition of the use of those Italian... [MORE]

Iran. Hands Off Cain presents the book “A voice in the matter”, the story of the Iranian people, by Esmail Mohades

Elisabetta Zamparutti @elizamparutti
At 6 PM on Wednesday 18 June 2014, in via di Torre Argentina 76 in Rome, Hands Off Cain presents the book “A VOICE IN THE MATTER”, the story of the Iranian people by Esmail Mohades, in a... [MORE]
Bandiera Turchia e UE

Conference-Debate in Rome on EU-Turkey relationships and presentation of “TURKEY in EUROPE 2023”

Mariano Giustino @MarianoGiustino
On Thursday, June 26th, from 3 to 6 PM, the conference on the relationship between Turkey and the European Union will be held at the Radical Party headquarters in Rome. The conference is organized by... [MORE]

Right to Know: the international case of Italy (4)

Marco Beltrandi @MarcoBeltrandi
National news broadcasts allocate fixed quotas, constant but varying, of speaking time to the different political actors, independently from current events, almost as if the "mash" was a... [MORE]

Elections in the Arab World

Domenico Letizia
In recent months Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Syria, have held or will hold important elections, with few signs of a meaningful democratic transition. The most controversial elections have been... [MORE]

Italian linguistic-cultural genocide: Change starting from June 18th?

Giorgio Pagano @GiorgioKPagano
After 41 days of hunger strike by Giorgio Pagano, parked in front of the Ministry of Education, as requested by ERA, Minister Giannini has set a meeting at 3PM on 18 June to discuss the policy of... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Enzo Tortora e Marco Pannella 17 June 2014: 31 years ago TV host, and later Radical Party Member of the European Parliament, Enzo Tortora was arrested for drug trafficking. One of the most infamous cases in the history of Italy's injustice

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