#19 | 05/20/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #19

USA: The Guardian, AP and three other newspapers challenge lethal injection secrecy

Sergio D'Elia @HandsOffCain_en
The growing secrecy adopted by death penalty States to hide the source of their lethal injection drugs used in executions was challenged in a new lawsuit* in Missouri, which argues that the American... [MORE]

In terms of environmental protection, Italy is a rogue State

Maurizio Bolognetti @mbolognetti
In “the rogue State” Italy that does not respect communitarian law in the field of environmental protection, the attempt to honor the law and rights by replacing public administrations... [MORE]

FoIA and the risk of partial transparency (3)

Marco Beltrandi @MarcoBeltrandi
One further aspect of State secret regulation appropriate for the world of internet and the circulation of information, is the need to set short time limits by which everything must be rendered... [MORE]

In the darkness of mines there’s the dark side of Turkish democracy

Mariano Giustino* @MarianoGiustino
Eight days after Soma mine tragedy, where 301 miners died, it is becoming clear that what happened in Soma cannot be considered as a tragic accident, as prime minister Erdoğan has stated. What... [MORE]

Russia and its “non-traditional sexual relationships”

Domenico Letizia
Russian civil rights organizations are condemning the escalation of violence against the few LGBT events held over the course of the past weeks. Last year, almost all public demonstrations in favour... [MORE]

The “Lombardy System”

Lorenzo Lipparini @llipparini Luca Perego @luper87
For years, the Radicals were the only ones to denounce the "Lomardy System", while neither the newspapers, nor the "official" opposition or the prosecution would care to occupy... [MORE]

Women from North Africa and Middle East: among rights, leadership and entrepreneurship

Valeria Manieri @valeriamanieri
Pari o Dispare Association, committed to the fight against women discriminations and to the dialogue with politics, civil society and national and international institutions, have promoted the... [MORE]

"Short Divorce" means the elimination of the separation phase, not the simple shortening of its duration.

Alessandro Gerardi* @divorzio_breve
On May 14th, the Justice Committee in the Chamber dismissed the unified text on the "short divorce". If this reform becomes law, just one year of separation will suffice to file for divorce... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Gorizia, 18 May 2014: Activists of the radical association "Transparency is participation" showed a 15-meter 'Amnesty' from the lower walls of the Castle of Gorizia
PHOTO: Michele Migliori

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