#15 | 04/22/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #15

Find the differences between our three latest Foreign Ministers

Gianni Betto
The Centro d'Ascolto has decided to monitor the changes in television appearances over the past year, by observing the same number of days at the beginning of the Letta Government and at the... [MORE]

Yes to the Regional Guarantor in Piedmont's prisons: a Radical victory

Giulio Manfredi
Last but not least: in the last session, during the final vote, the Piedmont Regional Council nominated the Regional Guarantor for the prisons, as required by a regional law adopted over four years... [MORE]

2015: A United Kingdom Odyssey

Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli
“Discussions between the inquiry and the Cabinet Office remain deadlocked, and a year-long stand-off is now unlikely to be resolved before the current parliamentary session ends. Even if a deal... [MORE]

Judicial psychiatric hospitals in Italy and elsewhere

Luca Bove @lucabove
"I signed the law-decree on the extension of the Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals with extreme regret." These are the words Giorgio Napolitano entrusted to an official note of the Presidency... [MORE]

When Parliament kisses the holy slippers

Alessandro Gerardi @divorzio_breve
After over 15 years of failed attempts, the Italian Parliament is once again discussing the so-called "quick divorce"; a reform aimed at reducing to one year - or nine months if the... [MORE]

Justice and Rule of Law for Libya

Gianluca Eramo @gianlucaeramo
I recently returned from Libya, where No Peace Without Justice has had an office since March 2012. Libya’s political landscape remains faction-dominated, with no vision nor path out of the... [MORE]

Down the drain: how Human Rights are denied in Greek prisons

Eugenia Siapera* @eugeniasiapera
Human and civil rights were never a given in Greece, but under austerity they have all but disappeared. As always, the prisons tell the human right story better than anything else. RNN learned that... [MORE]

State and education: Giorgio Pagano resumes his hunger strike

Monia Chimienti @moniachimienti
On April 11th, the Secretary of the Radical Esperanto Association, Giorgio Pagano, resumed his Satyagraha against the Italian linguistic genocide with a hunger strike for an indefinite time, for: -... [MORE]

Photo of the week

Rome, April 21, 2014: #GoMarco
PHOTO: Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli

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