#11 | 03/25/2014 The Rule of Law
for the Right to Life
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RNN #11

Radical Party delegation returns to Kiev

Antonio Stango @AntonioStango
On behalf of the Radical Party and Radio Radicale I am back to Kiev after the “referendum” of March 16th in Crimea and the annexation of that region by the Russian Federation. While the... [MORE]

The United States of China

Francesco Radicioni @fradicioni
For quite some time now, Marco Pannella claims that the Dalai Lama and Rebiya Kadeer have overcome the fetish of national liberation thanks to their maturation with the Nonviolent Radical Party,... [MORE]

Turkey: Twitter, a new weapon of nonviolent resistance

Mariano Giustino @marianogiustino
The decision to block Twitter on March 20th by the Telecommunications Authority is only the latest step in the series of measures by which Ankara's Government seeks to suffocate all hope for... [MORE]

Science and democracy on the balance

Valentina Stella @ValeAngeStella
“The overall progress of mankind depends directly from the progress of science. He who restrains the latter also restrains the former”, wrote Johann Gottlieb Fichte in his “The... [MORE]

A predictable victory for the Front National

Sabrina Gasparrini @sgasparrini
The first serious warning about the reawakening of intolerance and xenophobia in Europe was launched four years ago by an independent Council of Europe-appointed “Group of Eminent Persons... [MORE]

Paniz released, but the repression of Caracas continues to strike Italian citizens

Riccardo Galetti @RiccardoGaletti
Gustavo Paniz, unjustly detained by the Bolivarian National Guard on Wednesday March 12th, has finally left the Fuerte Tiuna military prison in Caracas. The National Secretary of the Young Social-... [MORE]

From nonviolence to freedom of scientific research via human rights

Claudio M. Radaelli @claudioexeter
Ramin Jahanbegloo wrote another story: the history of nonviolence, ancient like the mountains and at the same time word & action for today and tomorrow. Since its early days, nonviolence has... [MORE]

UNHRC side event illustrates critical Human Rights situation in Indonesia

Alejandra San Quirico Burillo @UNPOsecretariat
The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty, held a side event on March 14th 2014, in the Palais des Nations in Geneva entitled... [MORE]

Photo of the week

London 17 March 2014: Marco Pannella, Laura Harth and Matteo Angioli meet Lord David Steel, former President of the Liberal Party and father of the Abortion Act of 1967 in the UK, currently working on two bills: the reform of the House of Lords and the legalization of assisted dying

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