RNN #79 - 07/22/2015

El Reno, July 16, 2015: Barack Obama visits a federal prison in Oklahoma. It is the first time a US President in function visits a detention center

RNN #78 - 07/15/2015

Rome, July 10, 2015: former police officer Ennio Di Francesco and Marco Pannella 40 years after the first arrested the latter for his civil disobedience on cannabis

RNN #77 - 07/08/2015

Florence, July 4, 2015: Rita Bernardini, Vittoria Bolettieri, Maurizio Buzzegoli and Emanuele Baciocchi at Piazza del Duomo during the civil disobedience for the legalization of medicinal cannabis

RNN #76 - 06/24/2015

Dharamsala, June 21, 2015: Marco Pannella addresses the audience during the 80th birthday celebrations for His Holiness the Dalai Lama

RNN #75 - 06/17/2015

Paris, June 14, 2015: Marco Pannella, Sergio D'Elia, Elisabetta Zamparutti, Luigi Compagna and Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata at the meeting of the Iranian resistance.

RNN #74 - 06/09/2015

Diyarbakır, June 2, 2015: Turkish citizens flock together to listen to a speech by Selahattin Demirtaş, Kurdish leader of the Democratic People's Party 

RNN #73 - 06/03/2015
Lincoln, May 27, 2015: The Nebraska Parliament votes in favour of the abolition of the death penalty, thus becoming the first Republican-led State to abolish the death penalty since 1973. In the centre: Ernie Chambers, author of the bill.
RNN #72 - 05/27/2015

Rome, May 23, 2015: Marco Pannella awarded and crowned "King" of Africa by the African Movement in Rome for his continuous commitment to Africa and human rights.

RNN #71 - 05/20/2015

Rome, May 6, 2015: Singer-songwriter Gigi D'Alessio becomes a member of the Nonviolent Radical Party and all its constituent organizations

RNN #70 - 05/12/2015

Vatican City, May 11, 2015: Pope Francis greets Emma Bonino during a meeting with children organized by the Foundation Fabbrica della Pace.

RNN #69 - 05/06/2015

Rome, May 2, 2015: Marco Pannella celebrates his 85th birthday in the Radical Party headquarters in Rome

RNN #68 - 04/29/2015

Rome, 22 April 2015: 41 years after the referendum that legalized divorce in Italy, the Chamber of Deputies approves the new Law on Quick Divorce

RNN #67 - 04/22/2015
Rome, April 19, 2015: at the age of 99, the former Chief Rabbi of Rome, Elio Toaff, has passed away. Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino attended the funeral.
RNN #66 - 04/15/2015

Rome, April 14 1978: Adele Faccio speaks at the Italian Chamber of Deputies on article 9 of law 194 on abortion, regarding conscientious objection of hospital doctors and health care professionals.

RNN #65 - 04/08/2015

Rome, April 1, 2015: Rita Bernardini starts growing 50 cannabis plants on her home terrace

RNN #64 - 03/31/2015
Paris, March 30, 2015: Presention at the French Senate of the Written Proceedings "Rule of Law versus Reason of State". From the left: Matteo Angioli, Marco Pannella, André Gattolin, Michel Troper and Penelope Faulkner
RNN #63 - 03/24/2015

Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina), March 21, 2015: Rita Bernardini and some Radical activists visit the local Psychiatric-Judicial Hospital in view of its imminent closure

RNN #62 - 03/17/2015

Geneva, March 11, 2015: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein and Marco Pannella at Wilson Palace, heaquarters of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights.

RNN #61 - 03/10/2015
Florence, March 8, 2015: blitz by the Radical Association Andrea Tamburi for the campaign "A bridge for Tibet" at the Ponte Vecchio to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the insurection in Lhasa.
RNN #60 - 03/03/2015
Montelupo Fiorentino (Florence), February 28, 2015: Annual Assembly of the Florence Radical Association Andrea Tamburi, entitled "Know to Liberate". Presidency of  Rita Bernardini, Emanuele Baciocchi, Marco Pannella, Maurizio Buzzegoli and Maurizio Morganti. Photo: Massimo Lensi
RNN #59 - 02/24/2015
Teramo, February 20, 2015: Teramo University confers the Doctoral Degree Honoris Causa in Comunication Sciences to Marco Pannella
RNN #58 - 02/17/2015
Milo (Catania), February 12, 2015: Franco Battiato and Marco Pannella together to support crowdfunding campaign for the Right to Know
RNN #57 - 02/10/2015
Rome, February 7, 2014: newly elected President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella meets with Marco Pannella at the Quirinale.
RNN #56 - 02/03/2015
Rome, February 3, 2015: Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain launch a crowd funding campaign to organise the Second Conference on the Democratic, Federalist and Secular Rule of Law
RNN #55 - 01/27/2015
Catania, 24 January 2015: Secretary of Radicali Italiani Rita Bernardini with several activists before her speech at the inauguration of the judicial year in Court
RNN #54 - 01/20/2015

Naples, January 19, 2015: presentation of the written proceedings "Rule of Law vs Reason of State" at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies

RNN #53 - 01/13/2015

Paris, January 11, 2014: a Radical Party delegation led by Marco Pannella marches with Greens Senator André Gattolin in the "March of the Republic" in support and memory of all 17 victims of terrorism and Charlie Hebdo, with the slogan #JeSuis Charlie

RNN #52 - 01/06/2015

Florence, January 1st, 2015: Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini and members of the Andrea Tamburi Association at Casa Caciolle after the visit to the Sollicciano prison. Photo: Massimo Lensi

RNN #51 - 12/30/2014
Rome, December 27, 2014: cartoonist Vincenzo Gallo "Vincino" dedicates a cartoon to Rita Bernardini, Secretary of Radicali Italiani, launching her candidacy for the Presidency of the Italian Republic with these words: "Draw, dream, ... with a pen one can do everything. Ciao, Vincino".
RNN #50 - 12/24/2014
New York, December 18, 2014: the UN General Assembly adopts the Resolution on the Universal Moratorium on the Death Penalty with a continuously growing number of votes in favour. 
RNN #49 - 12/16/2014

Rome, December 14, 2014: The Dalai Lama and Marco Pannella together once again during a meeting at the margin of the Nobel Peace Summit in Rome. 

RNN #48 - 12/09/2014

Roma, December 4, 2014: some of the participants to the presentation of the written proceedings "Rule of Law vs Reason of State" at the Italian Chamber of Deputies; from the left Matteo Angioli, Giuseppe Cassini, Furio Colombo, Marco Pannella, Fausto Bertinotti, Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata, Laura Harth and Sergio D'Elia

RNN #47 - 12/02/2014

New York, 21 November 2014: UN 3rd Committee approved Resolution on Moratorium on death penalty with 114 Yes (3 more than in 2012) 36 No and 34 abstentions

RNN #46 - 11/25/2014

Niamey, November 21, 2014: Marco Pannella during a visit of the Nonviolent Radical Party and Hands off Cain to the women's prison in NIger's capital city

RNN #45 - 11/18/2014
Rome, November 13, 2014: Emma Bonino speaks at the Italian Senate during the Conference celebrating the twentieth anniversary of No Peace Without Justice
RNN #44 - 11/11/2014

Berlin, 9 November 2014: to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, artist Christopher Bauder has been commissioned to recreate it using 8.000 helium balloons

RNN #43 - 11/04/2014

Chianciano Terme (Siena), November 1, 2014: During the XIII Congress of Radicali Italiani, Rita Bernardini, Marco Pannella and Laura Arconti completed their act of civil disobedience in yielding, before being stopped by the police, a bag of medicinal cannabis to some patients with a valid medical prescription.

RNN #42 - 10/28/2014

London, October 22, 2014: Participants at the presentation of "Rule of Law vs Reason of State" organized by the Radical Party and No Peace Without Justice in Committee Room 10 at the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster 

RNN #41 - 10/21/2014

Brussels, 14 October 2014: Presentation at the European Parliament of the English version of the 2014 Report on the death penalty in the world, by Hands Off Cain. Participants included  the Justice Minister of Benin, as his country has eliminated the death penalty from its Constitution

RNN #40 - 10/14/2014

Paris, October 11, 2014: the Nonviolent Radical Party and Radicali Italiani participate with Marco Pannella and Valerio Federico in the Freedom March for minorities and oppressed peoples, organized by Società Libera

RNN #39 - 10/07/2014

Hong Kong, October 2, 2014: A protester in the nonviolent "umbrella revolution" during the events in the former British colony

RNN #38 - 09/30/2014
Pescina (L'Aquila), 28 September 2014: President of the Region Abruzzi, Luciano D'Alfonso, became a member of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty during the two-day conference on the actuality of Benedetto Croce and Ignazio Silone in Pescasseroli and Pescina
RNN #37 - 09/23/2014

Geneva, 18 September 2014: the Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain present the book of the written proceedings of the conference "Rule of Law v. Raison d'Etat" at the United Nations Office of Geneva during the 27th session of the Council for Human Rights

RNN #36 - 09/16/2014

Roma, 11 September 2014: Mina Welby speaking in a walk-around organized by Luca Coscioni Association in front of the Parliament building for the legalization of euthanasia

RNN #35 - 09/09/2014

La Maddalena (Olbia-Tempio), 9 September 2014: greetings from an "active" holiday from the coordinator (Matteo Angioli @Matteo_Angioli) and the translator (Laura Harth @LauraHarth) of RNN

RNN #34 - 09/02/2014

Ankara, 29 August 2014: Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. In the photo, taken on 22 July, the then Minister for European Affairs met a delegation of the Radical Party led by Marco Pannella at the Turkish Embassy in Rome

RNN #33 - 08/26/2014

London, August 16, 2014: the cartoon by Morten Morland (@mortenmorland) published by the TIMES

RNN #32 - 08/19/2014

Rome, August 15, 2014: a Radical delegation led by Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini and Laura Arconti visits the Rebibbia Penitentiary Institute in Rome to celebrate Mid-August with the detainees

RNN #31 - 08/12/2014
6 August 2014: This week, twenty years ago, on 6 August 1994, Domenico Modugno passed away. He was an Italian singer, songwriter, actor and later in life a member of the Italian Parliament with the Radical Party. He is known for his 1958 international hit song "Nel blu dipinto di blu" (Volare). In the picture from October 21, 1988, Modugno and Marco Pannella hold the banner of the Federal Council of the Radical Party held in East Jerusalem, Israel
RNN #30 - 08/05/2014

Rome, July 28, 2014: Marco Pannella eats spaghetti al pomodoro in Via della Panetteria after his first session of radiotherapy for a lung tumor

RNN #29 - 07/29/2014

New York, 27 July 2014: with the headline "Repeal prohibition, again" the New York Times calls for marijuana legalization

RNN #28 - 07/22/2014

Rome, 18 July 2014: the association Hands Off Cain awards President of Benin, Yayi Boni, with the prize "Abolitionist of the year" for the outstanding efforts made by his country towards the abolition of the death penalty

RNN #27 - 07/15/2014

Rome, 17 July 2014: Marco Pannella and Filomena Gallo support Lord Falconers' bill for the legalization of assisted dying in the UK and continue their campaign for the legalization of euthanasia in Italy

RNN #26 - 07/08/2014

Cotonou, 4 July 2014: Pan-african conference, held by the Government of Benin and Hands Off Cain in Cotonou on 2-4 July 2014, ends with the final "Cotonou Declaration" for the abolition of the death penalty

RNN #25 - 07/01/2014

Rome, June 26, 2014: conference on Turkey's entry in the European Union, organized by Mario Giustino in the Nonviolent Radical Party headquarters, with the participation of Emma Bonino, Benedetto Della Vedova and many others

RNN #24 - 06/24/2014

Rome, 23 June 2014: Marco Pannella and other radical activists participate in the vigil organized by the Jewish community al Portico d'Ottavia to demand the release of three 16 year-old Jews Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali, kidnapped in Israel on 12 June

RNN #23 - 06/17/2014

17 June 2014: 31 years ago TV host, and later Radical Party Member of the European Parliament, Enzo Tortora was arrested for drug trafficking. One of the most infamous cases in the history of Italy's injustice

RNN #22 - 06/10/2014

Normandy, 6 June 2014: celebrating the 70th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the landing of the allied troops led by General Dwight "Ike " Eisenhower, which led to the liberation of France and Europe from Nazism

RNN #21 - 06/03/2014
Orvieto (Terni), 1 June 2014: A large number of athletes attended the fifth edition of the Luca Coscioni Memorial
RNN #20 - 05/27/2014
Rome, 23 May 2014: Tibet poet, writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue gives Marco Pannella a copy of his book "Kora: Stories and poems" in a meeting at the headquarters of the Radical Party
RNN #19 - 05/20/2014
Gorizia, 18 May 2014: Activists of the radical association "Transparency is participation" showed a 15-meter 'Amnesty' from the lower walls of the Castle of Gorizia
RNN #18 - 05/13/2014
Florence, 10 May 2014: activists of the Radical association 'Andrea Tamburi' raising a 15-meter "Amnistia" (Amnesty) banner on Santa Trinita Bridge
RNN #17 - 05/06/2014

Teramo, 2 May 2014: Marco Pannella celebrating his 84th birthday in his hometown with a double espresso and a grappa-flavoured cigar

RNN #16 - 04/29/2014
Rome, 15 April 2014: Marco Pannella, hospitalised at the A. Gemelli polyclinic, sips a coffee during a phone call received by Pope Francis and interrupts his thirst strike
RNN #15 - 04/22/2014
Rome, April 21, 2014: #GoMarco
RNN #14 - 04/15/2014

Munich, 13 April 2014: traditional songs and dances opened the Conference of the Uyghur World Congress, with the participation of a delegation of the Radical Party

RNN #13 - 04/08/2014

Rome, 4 April 2014: View of the Third Meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research held on 4-6 April in the Chamber of Deputies and the Capitoline Hill

RNN #12 - 04/01/2014

Kiev, 27 March 2014: pro-EU supporters at Maidan Square

RNN #11 - 03/25/2014
London 17 March 2014: Marco Pannella, Laura Harth and Matteo Angioli meet Lord David Steel, former President of the Liberal Party and father of the Abortion Act of 1967 in the UK, currently working on two bills: the reform of the House of Lords and the legalization of assisted dying
RNN #10 - 03/18/2014

Rome-Brussels, 15 March 2014:No Peace Without Justice and the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnnational and Transparty commemorate together with the Syrian people the third anniversary of the beginning of the crisis in Syria

RNN #9 - 03/11/2014

Austin, 10 March 2014, Edward Snowden speaking via teleconference from Russia during a meeting of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas

RNN #8 - 03/04/2014
Rome, 23 February 2014: Emma Bonino takes leave of the Minister of Foreign Affairs with a rally in Largo di Torre Argentina
RNN #7 - 02/25/2014

Kiev, 22 February 2014: Radical Party in Maidan Square just before the Parliament vote for the impeachment of President Yanukovych

RNN #6 - 02/18/2014

Rome, 8 February 2014: Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini and other radical activists joining an antiprohibitionist demonstration

RNN #5 - 02/11/2014

Kiev, 6 February 2014: Ukrainians take to the streets in the centre of Kiev in support of the membership in the EU, nine years after the Orange Revolution

RNN #4 - 02/04/2014
Racale (Lecce), 29 January 2014: Radicali Italiani Secretary RIta Bernardini hands 120g of home-grown cannabis over to Andrea Trisciuoglio, of the Cannabis Social Club in Racale (LE)
RNN #3 - 01/28/2014

Florence, 25 January 2014: Marco Pannella replies to the President of the Court of Appeal during the opening ceremony of the judiciary year

RNN #2 - 01/21/2014

Rome, 3 January 2014: Italian rock star Vasco Rossi joins the Radical Party once again and donates the copyright of his famous hit "Vivere" ("Live") to the campaign for the legalization of euthanasia in Italy


RNN #1 - 01/14/2014

Denver, 1 January 2014: Colorado legalizes the purchase of marijuana for recreational use. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the proclamation in October 2012

RNN #0 - 01/07/2014

Rome, 25 December 2013: the Thrid March from St. Peter’s Square to Palazzo Chigi