Legal cannabis: Benedetto, I have a present for you

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Rita Bernardini

Legal cannabis: Benedetto, I have a present for you

Dear Benedetto (Della Vedova), thank you for the great job you are doing with the Parliamentary Intergroup for legal cannabis. Thanks to all the 250 MPs and Senators who signed the bill. Thank you (and Carmelo Palma) for involving me and for recalling the Radical campaigns on this issue for over forty years.

I have a present for you and the 250 subscribers of the bill: it is sent to you by Andrea Trisciuoglio, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is being cured with medicinal cannabis since years, while fighting at the same time to ensure that these drigs are effectively accesible to all those who could benefit from them. Andrea, Secretary of the Cannabis Social Club LapianTiamo, sends you the sachets you find in the picture, to make sure that the parliamentary times adopted for this debate are swift.

Will you plant them? I don't know and maybe it is not that important, even though it could be world news. I do ask you to take them with you, to remember that for the patients and the victims of this blind prohibitionism - provoking immeasurable suffering on the side of the citizens and abnormally large revenues for criminal and mafia organizations - the time that goes by without concrete results may become cause for despair. May the force be with you!


Translation: Laura Harth


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