Electoral Law: yes to the Italia Unica appeal against Italicum

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Electoral Law: yes to the Italia Unica appeal against Italicum

The appeal launched by Italia Unica, the political organization of Corrado Passera, and directed at MPs and Senators, is convergent with out analysis on the counter-reforms proposed by the Renzi Government. The issues raised by Italia Unica - the abnormal majority premium, the strong presence of nominated and non-elected MPs, no popular elections for the Members of the Senate - represent not a risk, but the certainty of further anti-democratic decline for the Italian Institutions, which are already characterized by the complete illegality of the justice system.

We hope that this initiative may give courage to all those who - like Italia Unica and, as always, we Radicals - consider the establishment of single-member districts that link the elected directly to their territory to be essential. For us, the ideal electoral system is the single-round majoritarian Anglo-saxon system, with internal and European presidentialism and federalism. Not surprisingly, it is the most simple and popular system, and exactly for this reason it is excluded from Parliamentary debates and television. Even a two-round majoritarian system, as adopted officially by the Democratic Party some years ago but quickly abandoned in Parliament, would be a good alternative to Renzi's counter-reform, without even needing to reduce the number of districts that would ensure a direct relationship with voters.

As always, we are ready to walk the road to reform with those who are united in the same goals, knowing that the first and biggest hurdle is to be able to affirm the right of Italian citizens to know truly alternative proposals to those expressed by the variations of Renzism and official anti-Renzism, both of which are solely aimed at maintaining the power of the Italian political bureaucracies.


Translation: Laura Harth


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