Starting civil disobedience for the legalization of euthanasia

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Marco Cappato

Starting civil disobedience for the legalization of euthanasia

We started a new website called Three associated persons carry the personal penal responsibility for the information provided, but also for the public logistical support to persons seeking to obtain euthanasia abroad, in Switzerland. Technically, penal law describes this act as consented murder, because the law does not provide for anything else, in the sense that it does not provide for the decriminalization of very precise, defined and regulated cases as foreseen in our popular bill.

We will continue this initiative until Parliament starts to discuss our bill. I say "to discuss", because we do not pretend that the majority of MPs agree with us. We do pretend however that they start a debate as required by the Constitution. We also believe that if this debate is truly public debate, Parliamentary numbers on the one hand and popular numbers representing the majority of Italian citizens will speak for themselves. This civil disobedience has started on March 19th. A bank account has been opened for those wishing to contribute to the legal fees.

Mina Welby, Gustavo Fraticelli and myself provide, in a public and transparent way - and we will give public testimony and evidence -, support, information and logistical aid to those who possess the economic and physical means, so unfortunately not to all, and who want to go to Switzerland to obtain assisted suicide.

Translation: Laura Harth



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