Turkey: public opinion increasingly close to the West

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Turkey: public opinion increasingly close to the West

According to Istanbul Kadir Has University «Survey of Social-Political Tendencies» there is a 20% rise in the number of Turkish citizens supporting Turkey’s full membership in the EU. Annual Kadir Has University polls shows that Turkish public opinion in favour of Turkey in the EU has risen from 51,8% in 2013 to 71,4% in 2014.

This survey confirms what has resulted from two different influential polls published during summer 2014: European Parliament «Eurobarometer» and, Washington based research institute, German Marshall Fund «Transatlantic Trends».

Moreover, according to the survey the data of those who say Turkey’s membership in NATO should continue has risen from 72% to 76,2% and there is also a significant increase in those who support Turkey’s alliance with the USA (from 14,4% in 2013 to 30,8% in 2014).

Survey outcome is showing there is an increasingly growing number of Turkish citizens that considers current government policies as a serious risk for democracy in the country and also supports Turkey anchorage to the EU in order achieve necessary democratic reforms. The number of those who defend Turkey’s NATO membership in order to fight against threats from abroad resulted by a disastrous foreign policy is also increasing. It is due to these reasons that many Turks think alliance with the West has to be seen as a life vest.


* Editor Diritto e Libertà magazine






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