Crowd funding for the Rule of Law

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Matteo Angioli

Crowd funding for the Rule of Law

On Tuesday, January 27, we launched a crowd funding campaign on for the organization of the Second International Conference "Rule of Law versus Reason of State" at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Nonviolent Radical Party, No Peace Without Justice and Hands Off Cain are organizing the Conference.

Following the First International Conference at the European Parliament and Commission in February 2014, our goal is to raise at least 15.000€ within the next 40 days, to support the initial expenses of the three-day Conference on the Rule of Law and the Right to Know.

The First Conference had a predominant academic, cultural and scientific emphasis, which allowed us to lay the foundations for the next steps in the campaign. The Second Conference will be animated by diplomatic, juridical and political representatives from different backgrounds, in order to launch a debate aimed at the promotion of the universality of Human Rights, the strengthening of International Law, and the identification of a pathway leading to the codification of the "Right to Know" at the United Nations.

To contribute, simply visit; choose the category "Politics"; click on the campaign "For a new human right: THE RIGHT TO KNOW"; click "Donate" and, after choosing the amount you wish to donate, continue with log in or through your Facebook account.

And of course: share with your friends!

Translation: Laura Harth


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