XI Congresso dell’Associazione Luca Coscioni: le conclusioni

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Valentina Stella

XI Congresso dell’Associazione Luca Coscioni: le conclusioni

The XI Congress of the Luca Coscioni Associatin has been concluded on Sunday. The Congress confirmed Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato as Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, and Michele De Luca, Marco Gentili and Mina Welby as Presidents.

The general motion has been approved, committing the Association to the following objectives: Scientific Research and medically assisted procreation: to support all national and transnational judicial actions against the persisting anti-constitutional aspects of the so-called “Law 40”.

Legalization of euthanasia and the living will: to obtain a debate on the “end of life” in Parliament, as asked by the President of the Republic, and to have Parliament put our popular bill proposal for the legalization of euthanasia on its agenda.

Nomenclature: to obtain the respect of the commitment – made by President of the Council Mr. Renzi himself – to update the nomenclature for assistive technologies for the recovery of sensory faculties within 20 days.

Disability: to demand the full implementation of the “UN Convention on persons with disabilities of 2006”.

Animal testing: to support the correct implementation of European Directive 010/63/UE.

Ogm: to affirm the freedom of scientific research in the fields of plant biotechnology and GMOs.

Stem cell treatments: to prevent the fraudulent abuse of the sick without hope and protection.

Medicinal cannabis: to remove the bureaucratic obstacles to the, already legal, prescription of cannabis derivates for medicinal use. All details on this link (in italian).


Translation: Laura Harth


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