A public broadcasting service lives off content, not off a public monopoly

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Marco Beltrandi

A public broadcasting service lives off content, not off a public monopoly

Every now and then Italy's Prime Minister Renzi threatens to reform the Rai, obviously with the intent of reinforcing the occult and extra legem nature of the controls by the Government and by those other few well-identified political actors that have been chosen as the comfortable opposition of the moment, denying all others the possibility to be known and judged by the citizens. 

To respond to this and as a constituent association of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Radicali Italiani considers it fundamental to continue pushing, even on its own, for the only true reform that could transform the public broadcasting service into what it was institutionally designed for and improve its quality. It is about providing an objective definition is this service and the tasks it is supposed to perform, while eliminating the legal monopoly held by Rai at the same time. The public service would then be allotted according to public procedures, nationally and in every region, to public and private actors for a defined period, and including a revision of the applicable antitrust laws.

Therefore, I will be in front of the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini in Rome on September 25th with those few others free minds aware of the grave anomalies in our system, and who think of an effective reform to get out of this Italian mess, to relaunch an effective and legal public service and to give some prospectives to a dying private broadcasting world.

Translation: Laura Harth


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