(Finally?) Coming up shortly: quick divorce

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Diego Sabatinelli

(Finally?) Coming up shortly: quick divorce

We appear very close to a breakthrough for divorce in Italy, be it with regard to the times prescribed for obligatory separation, be it for the procedures necessary to obtain the effective end of the marriage. In case of a consensual separation or divorce without the presence of any minor or depending children, Law Decree 1612, which is waiting to be converted in a Law by Parliament, provides for the possibility of negotiations assisted by a lawyer that would allow to avoid the Court, by limiting the formal procedure to a formal agreement before the registrar.

The second and more important reform for separated couples awaiting divorce is the so-called quick divorce, being the reduction of the obligatory separation times, required for the divorce request. The text that has already been approved by the Chamber provides for a reduction of the separation to six months in case of a consensus and to one year in case of a judicial separation.

During the debate in the Justice Committee of the Senate a modification has been discussed that would allow for immediate divorce, eliminating the obligation of legal separation when both parties agree and there are no minor children involved. Under reasonable circumstances the quick divorce could finally be approved within a few months, but as we well know, nothing has ever been quick in the campaign for obtaining the quick divorce.

Translation: Laura Harth


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