On the cost of Italian parliament

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Irene Testa
Alessandro Gerardi

On the cost of Italian parliament

What follows is the comment of Radicals Irene Testa and Alessandro Gerardi (co-authors of the book “Parliament Free Zone”) on the statements made by the President of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini with regard to the cuts in salaries of the Chamber's employees:

“It is not true that the Chamber could have chosen not to implement the State law that established a maximum ceiling for salaries. The laws of the State, also thanks to the Radical initiatives, are in integral part of the human resources policies in the Chamber, exactly as they apply to any other State body. Continuing to deny this means to ignore the grave implications of judgement n. 120, delivered by Giuliano Amato, according to which no other State in the world has maintained the absolute independence with regard to the administration of Constitutonal bodies. Instead of welcoming the parliamentary debate on the conversion of the Renzi decree as an occasion to adapt it to the specific circumstances of the Chamber's staff (as proposed in an amendment by the Hon. Di Gioia), the leaders of the Chamber continue to toy with incomplete and parceled adjustments, which are susceptible to a violation of the legal reservation in article 23 of the Constitution.

The Presidents of the Chamber do not need to hang on to the fetish of administrative self-rule to score some points with public opinion: they should rather be doing their duty and recognize the jurisdiction of the Court of Cassation that will be asked to follow through on the indications of the Constitutional Court on November 18th.”


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