Medicinal cannabis: a "radical" criminal organization

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Rita Bernardini

Medicinal cannabis: a "radical" criminal organization

On July 25, with Laura Arconti and Marco Pannella, inspired by the struggle of the Cannabis Social Club of Racale "LapianTiamo", I planted cannabis seeds at my house. The seeds are specifically selected for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. I will consign the harvest (presumably in October) to patients who are unable to obtain access to cannabinoid pharmaceutical drugs. Always having been in favour of the legalization of drugs, through this third civil disobedience we want to render the access to these pharmaceutical drugs effective, and not merely theoretically allowed by the Livia Turco Law of 2007.

Only 60 patients per year manage to obtain Bedrocan (selected inflorescences imported from The Netherlands) through the Public Health Services in Italy. The other patients (very few of them), if and when they can find a doctor willing to prescribe the drug, can buy it at the pharmacies which, after a lengthy process, sell it at the price of 35 Euro per gram! That means that a person with multiple sclerosis who needs 2 to 4 grams a day must spend between 2.100 and 4.200 Euro per month! For those that find no benefit in the traditional pharmaceutics, another solution that is always available but also very risky in criminal terms: to turn to the mafia's clandestine market, open 24/7, at the price of 5 Euro per gram. But, it means obtaining an uncontrolled product that has certainly not been grown and selected for therapeutic purposes.

The video of the “sowing” on Radio Radicale

Translation: Laura Harth


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