Snowden: Standing Up For Freedom. His story now published in Italy

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Luca Viscardi

Snowden: Standing Up For Freedom. His story now published in Italy

"No place to hide. Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance State" by Glenn Greenwald, independent journalist and winner of the Pulitzer Price, is now published also in Italy. 

The book examines in depth the topic of an indiscriminate mass surveillance promoted by the United States, started in 2001 by the Bush administration, and even more massively continued under the Obama administration. Beyond the facade, “the President that in the election campaign had promised “the most transparent administration in history” […] has done the exact opposite”, Greenwald writes. 

It is easy to understand who Edward Snowden is: beyond sometimes superficial judgments - expressed by journalists such as the Italian press editor Ferrara, who in answer to former senator of the NRPtt Marco Perduca, wrote: “You admire Snowden, while I find him pathetic, from A to Z. I want my and others’ security be under control without flowing into the media” - it is clear that he is common citizen whom, in an act of courage and justice, challenged the most powerful Government in the world, leaving his family, fiancee and well-paid job in Hawaii behind for a life in exile. 

More and more Snowden’s words convince me that he is standing up for liberty and the Right of the American citizens and the world to Know, as a new human right proposed by the Nonviolent Radical Party. It is therefore not surprising that Snowden is being criticized by those “intellectuals” feeling itchy as soon as freedom and the right to be informed are discussed. 


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