"Ending Impunity for Atrocities in Syria"

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Gianluca Eramo

"Ending Impunity for Atrocities in Syria"

On the occasion of the 26th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, on 17 June in Geneva, No Peace Without Justice and the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty convened the side event “Ending Impunity for Atrocities in Syria”, co-sponsored by the Governments of Italy, France and Qatar.

Keynote speakers included: H.E. Ahmad Tu'mah, Prime Minister of Syrian Interim Government and Mr. Haitham Al Maleh, President of the Legal Committee of the Syrian Coalition. Panelists were Mr. Imad Al-Din Al-Rashid, Syrian National Movement; Dr. Alistair Hay, University of Leeds and Mr. Ayman Ghojal, Violations Documentation Center. The meeting was opened by Marco Perduca and Niccolò Figà-Talamanca.

What is happening in Syria is a humanitarian and human rights disaster. The link between the humanitarian and human rights situation is clear: people have a right to food, medical treatment and security. They also have a right to express their opinions, live their lives and elect freely their own representatives. However, the people in Syria are able to enjoy none of these rights. The lack of focus on accountability, be it for crimes under international law or failure to adhere to international legal obligations as prescribed in general law and by UN Resolutions, created a situation where impunity is the norm. It is crucial for the international community to be firm on accountability to serve the cause of peace and security in Syria.


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