If you don't want to reform drug policies or law, at least talk about it!

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Marco Perduca

If you don't want to reform drug policies or law, at least talk about it!

On 26 June the world celebrates the day against illict drug trafficking. No country can claim to have won the “War on Drugs” with her prohibitionist laws or policies. Quite the contrary!

Decades of prohibitionism on narcotics have increased the production, trade and consumption of all substances. Profits of narco-mafias have soared. In Italy it is estimated that the illicit drug trade fetches some 25 Billion Euros. Drugs are the cash-cows of criminals all over the world. The United Nations confirm year after year that the phenomenon is no receding.

In 2016, the UN General Assembly will hold a special session on “drugs”. Also for these reasons, the Radical Party and the Associazione Luca Coscioni, in the framework of the world campaign "Support Don't Punish", have launched an appeal to the Italian Government, Parliament and media so that, in the absence of proposals for institutional reformes, they seize the opportunity of the 26th to talk about "drugs" on the basis of certified figures, scientific evidences and foreign experiences with a a different approach.

On 25 June, at 11, Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini, Filomena Gallo, Sergio D'Elia and Marco Perduca will hold a press conference at the Radical Party to present some proposals for Italy and beyond.


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