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U.N. Review Criticizes Director of Its Drug and Crime Program
UNITED NATIONS, June 11 — Investigations of the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention in Vienna found today that poor management was costing the office money and talent, leaving the staff demoralized and often in the dark about d
Report Criticizes UN Crime Office

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United Nations has strongly criticized management ofits drug control and crime prevention office, although it did not make thereport public.

Dileep Nair, head of the U.N. watchdog agency, said Monday that the fin
U.N. drug control program faulted
Published 6/11/01NEW YORK — A new internal evaluation of the U.N. Drug Control Program faults the troubled agency's persistent inability to communicate with its own offices in the field and other U.N. programs engaged in similar work.

This fai
NEW YORK -- The U.N. inspector general´s office yesterday severely criticized the "heavily personalized" management style of U.N. drug czar Pino Arlacchi, but, in a long-awaited evaluation, did not address the most serious accusations against h
Better to Act in Macedonia Than Wait for Worse
LONDON Forget Kyoto. Forget missile defense. Macedonia is the headline that has shot up the troubled agenda of U.S.-European relations as President George W. Bush tests the mood on his get-to-know-you-tour.
Last week, European Union and Balkan dip
Bush Officials Split Over Human Embryo Cell Research
WASHINGTON Officials say a battle is raging within the Bush administration over whether to prohibit federal support for biomedical research that uses cells derived from human embryos.
On one side are health policy experts and scientists who say t
EP/ISRAEL: Peres and Arafat accept document from CIA Chief
On Tuesday in Strasbourg, after the meeting of the Conference of EP Presidents with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, the president of the European Parliament, Nicole Fontaine, described to the press what she said was an "intensive and very open
UN slams drugs agency chief
The future of the head of the United Nations' agency fighting the international drugs trade was in doubt on Tuesday after a damning internal report accused him of bad management and a lack of transparency.

Pino Arlacchi (pictured), executive
China's Prison Laborers Cite Worsening Abuses
YUANJIANG, China A small, nameless island is near the area where the Yuan and the Yangtze rivers meet in central China, and this dusty town is perched on its northern end. Not many visitors come here other than hard-luck cases bound for the Hunan Spe
With Shiver of Fear, Russians Sense a Return to Police-State Ways
MOSCOW It is not an easy thing to quantify, much less to prove. But among intellectuals and activists here who advocate a democratic Russia in the Western mode, a gnawing concern is arising that the relative freedom from state surveillance and restri
Jim Clancy: for centuries the ethnic group known as Roma or Gypsies has moved throughout the world. The origin of the world's more than 12 million Roma remains somehow obscure, but this is known, for sure. Persecution has followed them for most of th
China Closes Internet Cafés
HONG KONG China is conducting the largest crackdown on Internet cafés since the Web came to the country, the Internet edition of the Shenzhen Legal Daily reported Thursday.
The crackdown, which follows the imposition of tighter regulations gov
Tortured Chechen Speaks of Abuse
WASHINGTON (AP) - A doctor among Chechnya's injured, Umar Khambiyev says he's not sure what's worse - the wound that torture leaves on the body or the one it leaves on the mind. ``Someone who has seen that cannot be normal any longer,'' the Chechen
Demonising druggies wins votes. That's all that counts
It is a strange but revealing fact that hundreds of thousands of people in this country are currently afflicted by a dangerous and highly infectious disease and that, even though the government has been warned repeatedly that many thousands of these
Economic fears spoil Chinese communist party
The Chinese Communist Party's 80th birthday celebrations could be ruined by fears over a national crisis sparked by unemployment and anger over corruption.

While newspapers glorify the party, 80 on 1 July, and revolutionary films and propagan
(EU) EU/UN/DRUGS: Maurizio Turco continues his crusade against management of United Nations Anti-Drug Agency
Brussels, 19/06/2001 (Agence Europe) - During the first quarter of this year, the European parliamentarian, Maurizio Turco (List Bonino, Italy) sent Romano Prodi, European Commission President, several letters and documents denouncing the serious dys
Egyptian feminist threatened with divorce
A court in Egypt has started hearing an apostasy case against a leading feminist activist and author, Dr Nawal el-Saadawi.

The case was brought by a lawyer, Nabih el-Wahsh, who wants the court to separate Dr el-Saadawi from her husband on the
Make heroin legal
On April 3 1924, a group of American congressmen held an official hearing to consider the future of heroin. They took sworn evidence from experts, including the US surgeon general, Rupert Blue, who appeared in person to tell their committee that hero
The heroin challenge: Create a treatment-led service
Should heroin be legalised? To raise the question is to risk being placed in the paddock reserved for the politically irrelevant and irresponsible. Remember the way the national commission into drugs misuse laws last year was met with a glacial minis
The heroin debate: clamour for legalisation
Thank God for a sane voice on heroin at last (Nick Davies, Comment, June 14 and 15). Due to a criminal lack of timely support for my son's heroin addiction - his desperate wish to clean up met by entirely inadequate societal help - he has now dropped
Does Europe Covet Own Echelon?
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Maurizio Turco, an Italian member of the European Parliament, shook up the last scheduled meeting of the temporary committee investigating the Echelon interception system in more ways than one Wednesday afternoon.
Turco, who d
Cuban Dissidents Must Say 'No Thanks' to U.S. Aid
HAVANA - The news recently arrived here of the Helms-Lieberman Cuban Solidarity Act of 2001, which would allocate $100 million in U.S. aid - financial assistance, medical supplies, office and communications equipment - to Cuban independent and nongov
Here's to a Federal Britain Within a Federal Europe
OXFORD, England Europe used to worry about the German Question. Now it has a British Question. Will Britain at last fully commit to Europe? And, with the growing autonomy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, what will remain of the old United Kin
Vietnam stops protest over religious freedom
A member of the European parliament has left Vietnam after being arrested by the security forces during an attempted protest over the treatment of religious dissidents.
The MEP, Olivier Dupuis, and an assistant, Martin Schulthes, were detained ou
MEP barred from Vietnam dissident
Many religious groups face persecution in Vietnam
A member of the European Parliament, Olivier Dupuis, has been prevented from meeting a dissident Buddhist monk in Vietnam.
Mr Dupuis, who represents an Italian constituency in the parliament, w