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09/27/1994 Vseukrainskije Vedomosti Tatiana Melnichuk IS THERE SUCH A PARTY?
Transnational Radical party is known in Europe a long time, mainly due to its founder and honorary president, outstanding Italian politician Marco Panella. Secretary Emma Bonino, member of Europarliament, directs now the party's headquarters that
11/09/1993 1994 - Il Quotidiano radicale Marco De Andreis Peace soldiers
ABSTRACT: The nightmare of the loss of national sovereignty following an armed invasion seems to have disappeared. Thus, "the existence of national armed forces" seems to be purposeless. The other function that required military interventions - pe
06/03/1993 Agence Europe Mrs Aglietta strongly criticises Mr Pinheiro for his response concerning the Parliament's new power
Brussels, 03.06.1993 (Agence Europe) - Adelaide Aglietta, Chairman of the Greens Group of the European Parliament, reacted very strongly to remarks made by European Commissioner Joao de Deus Pinheiro before the EP Committee on Rules of Procedure conc
05/31/1992 THE PARTY NEW Nonviolent resistance against Europe's shame
ABSTRACT: Here is an account of the action taken over the last few months via nonviolent direct action, to persuade the international community to intervene in the dramatic situation in ex-Yugoslavia.
Irresponsibility, weakness, cowardice, conf
03/30/1992 THE PARTY NEW "I'm of Serbian origin"
ABSTRACT: As we were about to leave in the car, we heard the devastating news that our comrade Momcilo Vukasinovic, a Serbian Radical in Croatia, had been killed. He died at the Croatian front in December. After the death of "Momo", some of his fr
02/01/1992 The Party New Marco Pannella Nonviolent action in Osijek
ABSTRACT: On 31 December, during a press conference held in Osijek, Croatia, Marco Pannella, a member of the European Parliament and President of the Federal Council of the Radical Party, explained the reasons for the nonviolent action undertaken
02/01/1992 The Party New Lorenzo Strik Lievers War report
ABSTRACT: The testimony of the Radical senator Lorenzo Strik Lievers: "against a patent act of aggression, we intended as believers in nonviolence to take part in the defence of the city and share, without arms, in the situation and the dangers ex
11/30/1991 Slobodna Dalmacija Silvije Tomasevic Rendezvous in Maastricht<br>An interview with Marco Pannella
ABSTRACT: In the interview, published by the Croatian daily newspaper "Slobodna Dalmacija", Marco Pannella outlines the Radical Party's positions on the situation in former Yugoslavia, and the ongoing initiatives for the recognition of the republi
09/28/1991 Il Giorno Marco Pannella The reasons of the peoples, the selfishness of the Twelve
ABSTRACT: There is a barely hidden plan of the chancelleries of the Europe of the Twelve that tends to charge the armies with the task of restoring "order" in the countries of the former communist block. Hence the attitude of "neutrality" and ther
07/01/1991 Il Partito Nuovo Sensible disarmament: Peace dividend and security
ABSTRACT: A new political will is needed, not only to give voice and strength to sensible proposals for the reduction of military spending and for a new model of defence, but also to construct new and more credible policies for security and develo
05/20/1991 Il Messaggero Emma Bonino The arms race can be stopped
ABSTRACT: On May 14th, the Chamber of Deputies approved a resolution promoted by the radical party aiming to the creation of an international regime to prevent the proliferation of major conventional weapons systems, on the model of the Nuclear No
03/02/1990 Notizie radicali Sandro Ottoni The Radical Party in Yugoslavia
SUMMARY: the author describes the situation of the Radical party in Yugoslavia, where strong democratic reforms are being carried out that aim to Yugoslavia's entrance in the European Community. The presence of the Radical initiative; the Radical
04/26/1989 "Single issue" booklet for the XXXV Congress of The Radical Party Human rights - Italy : Enzo Tortora
On May 17, 1983, Enzo Tortora, Italy's most famous television personality was arrested. The public was regaled with his hand-cuffed image on the Italian State television channel and the front pages of the newspapers. The accusation -association with
04/01/1989 "Single issue" booklet for the XXXV Congress of The Radical Party Chronology: From conscientious objection to the affirmation of conscience
March 1966
Arrest of Lorenzo and Andrea Strik Lievers for distributing Radical pro-conscientious objection pamphlets in Milan.

August 1967
The firs
04/01/1989 "Single issue" booklet for the XXXV Congress of The Radical Party Acting in accordance with his conscience
On October 9, 1985, Olivier Dupuis wanted in Belgium for desertion, gave himself up to the police in Brussels during a demonstration which was taking place in front of the headquarters of the European Commission.
Olivier Dupuis, a militant of the
10/01/1988 Irdisp - Which disarmament Marco De Andreis CONSIDERATIONS ON ITALIAN DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS
ABSTRACT: In order to evaluate which choices are to be taken to ensure the military defense of a country, and possibly which initiatives to take on the subject of disarmament, it is first necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the possible thr
08/25/1988 Notizie radicali Marco Pannella We all need truth, even the culprits
ABSTRACT: Marco Pannella gives his opinion on the arrest of Adriano Sofri, former leader of Lotta Continua (1) accused by the magistrates of being the instigator of the murder of Police Commissioner Luigi Calabresi, expressing him his confidence a
04/28/1988 Notizie radicali Sergio D'Elia The disunited Europe of prisons and laws
ABSTRACT: The creation of a common juridical space in Europe does not involve the treaties and agreements concerning the struggle against terrorism, but should be based on the rights of the individual, which are already laid down in existing funda
01/26/1987 Corriere della sera Leonardo Sciascia Against The Mafia In The Name Of The Law
"Different from Fascism, democracy has in its hands the one tool suited to combating crime: law - The risk of replacing the symbol of the balance of justice with the so-called "hand-cuff culture" - The vigilance or public health committees are simila
01/02/1987 Corriere della sera Leonardo Sciascia Vacation For The Killers, Prison For Their Associates
ABSTRACT: The author deplores the fact that in Italy "killers... leave prison happily after serving minimal time and people who have killed no one... remain instead to serve full and exorbitant terms. He then compares what happens in Mafia cases a
08/27/1986 Panorama Roberto Cicciomessere Enzo Tortora: Justice betrayed
ABSTRACT: The complete story which, from the large-scale police operation against the Nuova Camorra Organizzata (1a) (during which Enzo Tortora was also arrested), - through pseudo-investigations, cases of homonymy, the use of so-called "penitents
03/05/1986 Notizie radicali Marco Pannella A "task force" for life is needed
ABSTRACT: The necessity for the Security Council of the United Nations to intervene to stop massive starvation in the South of the world. The possibility of using the armed forces for emergency actions.
(Notizie Radicali n. 54 of 5 March 1986)<
03/05/1986 Notizie radicali Emma Bonino Demand a policy of life

ABSTRACT: The Food and Disarmament International initiative from the Manifesto of the Nobel Prize Winners of June 1981 to the Manifesto of the African Heads of State of February 1986.

(Notizie Radicali no.54 of March 5, 1986)

01/27/1986 Notizie radicali Marco Pannella The Dupuis affair
ABSTRACT: The author criticizes the judgement of the Brussels Council of war sentencing Olivier Dupuis, conscientious avower, to 24 months of prison, automatically applying a procedure used with all deserters and Jehovah's Witnesses: this is not
11/28/1985 Notizie radicali Emma Bonino Only a strong European mobilization can stop starvation
ABSTRACT: Italy's extraordinary intervention against starvation could prove useless if the other European countries do not take actions too. According to the author, it is necessary to reiterate the request for a special $5 billion appropriation o