From: Kosova Sot

From: Kosova Sot Informing minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic on March 11, 1999, ordered in a written statement the District Prosecution Court in Prishtina that urgently open procedure and fix the time for trial against the publisher of the daily newspaper “Kosova Sot”, Mr. Ruzhdi Kadriu and its editor in chief, Mr. Ibrahim Rexhepi. Court hearing is going to be held on Saturday on March 13, at 1000 hrs, where the verdict is expected to be brought in accordance with Serbian laws. According to Aleksandar Vucic’s instructions, the indictment is based on the article 67 of the Law for Public Informing of Serbia. According to this article, penalties are enormous, 800.000 dinars. Basing on our material capacity, this means our newspaper shut down. Words of the minister Vucic at the press conference prove that everything has been prepared previously. The conference held today at 1300 hrs and it mainly discussed for the newspaper “Kosova Sot” where Vucic among others said that “couple of minutes ago I contacted with the Court and according to the information I possess, they’re going to pay the fine of 800.000 dinars. Perhaps then, they’re going to put themselves together!” Staff of the editing “Kosova Sot” in Prishtina